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What Is The Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist In Australia?

Are you planning a holiday trip to Australia? There will be several options available, depending on your conditions and how long you will like to stay in Australia. If your trip is short, say for three months, then a free visitor visa will do. This type of visa is usually processed instantly or on the day. But, if you intend to spend a longer duration, you have to apply for the Sponsored Visitor Visa Subclass 600. If you choose this visa option, you should be well aware of the related facts and the whole application procedure. In this article, we discuss several important points on Visa 600.

Important Things You Should Know About Visitor Visa 600

Tourist Visa Subclass 600 will be applicable to usually four types of visits to Australia. You can use it for a holiday trip or a business trip. Your family can sponsor it. Or, it can be applied if you’re part of an organized tour from China.

Though each of the purposes has particular requirements, some basic things about this visa are as follows.

How Can You Apply For The Visa?

 Three Different Streams Of Visitor Visa 600

Here we discuss three types of purposes in which you can get Visa 600. The essential checklist for the Visitor Visa 600 is more or less the same for all three purposes. You must meet all the health and character requirements at the time of lodgement. Also, you need to provide evidence that you hold enough money to support yourself in Australia. Regarding health, you have to manage your health expenses while staying in Australia. You will not get the coverage under Medicare, Australia’s national health scheme, except your country, has any reciprocal health care agreement with the Australian government. So, you need to arrange for health insurance every time you will travel to Australia.

Both Family-Sponsored Visa and Business Visa will allow you to enter only once in Australia. If you plan to come back here after you leave, you should apply for a new visa. As long as the visa remains valid, you can travel to and from the country as many times as you wish.

A Family Sponsored Visa

The Sponsored Family Visa will allow you to travel to Australia for visiting your family. You should have a sponsor who may have to provide a bond in support of that. At the time of application, as well as the decision, you should be outside Australia. You should also provide evidence that you are visiting your family and not intend to do any other things.

Number of visits granted on this visa


Business Visa Stream

This stream will allow you to take a short business trip to Australia. The business trip may be a general business trip or for a public employment inquiry, attending a conference, or making some negotiations. For this stream also, you have to be outside Australia while applying.

 At the time of application, you have to show that you will visit Australia only for business purposes. The Department will check your business background and genuineness of the reason for your traveling to Australia. As per the visa obligations, you should not do any job or provide services to any Australian business or sell goods directly to the general Australian public. No sponsor is required.

Holiday Visa

This visa is for people who are on a holiday trip. The checklist for this Visa 600 stream is the same as Sponsored Family Stream or Business Visa Stream. Only, the Department may want to see any evidence of holding a 12 months health insurance cover. 

There are some added benefits of a Holiday Visa. It will allow you to study in Australia for a maximum of 3 months and work as an unpaid volunteer. 


Hope this article answers all of your queries. Still, if you need professional help, you may get in touch with ISA Migrations, assigning a qualified immigration agent from Perth for need-specific guidance.

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