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What is The Value of CISSP Certification in Cyber Security


A few years back I used to go to work with the fear that someone will try to invade into our system again and maybe this time I won’t be able to tackle it down. However, rather than sitting like a coward and wait for the next strike I decided to update my knowledge and skills to fight back the crime and protect my organization better. How I did that? Well, as a smart fellow I decided to pursue cybersecurity to validate my knowledge and skills while shinning among my peers.

Why CISSP certification when there are other options?

While working in the continuously growing cyber security field there is one thing that is constant “cyber threats”. As an expert, I know that cyber threats cannot be ignored whether you are working in the public or private sector. Why makes me so sure about this? Because, every single time an employee within the organization opens up a local email, there is a huge risk of being valuable information stolen from the system by the unknown third party. When it comes to cyber threats the chances of getting a small-sized business organization hacked are equal to small and large-sized organizations. That means the hackers are not partial when it comes to breaking into the system. That’s the reason why everyone should be ready with all the gears to protect the valuable data and information from the unwanted snoopers.

There are companies who often ask experts like me to come and teach to prepare their employees to clear the CISSP training. Now, I am aware of the fact that there are people who are still doubting the potential of CISSP certification when it comes to protecting the organization from cyber threats. You are not alone I was on the same boat a few years back yet I decided to go with the CISSP Training Course in Dubai and I am just about to tell you why?

Benefits of CISSP certification

Although there are other cyber security certifications available in the market I still decided to go with the CISSP certification. What were my reasons to do so? Well, I am about to tell you in detail:

  • It was maximizing my earning potentials: The salary is an important factor when it comes to choosing a certification and you will be happy to know that the average salary of CISSP expert is $131000 per year. This number indicates that CISSP experts are in-demand and with the years of relevant experience they are one of the highest-paid experts in the IT industry. Employers across the globe respect the CISSP experts which add more benefits to your account.
  • The certification was a key to unlock career potential: As mentioned above the demand of cybersecurity experts is continuously rising in the market all thanks to the never-ending cyber-attacks. On the current basis, the global organizations are facing the shortage of cyber security experts which means they are exposed to the hackers without any first or second level. Security so, everyone wants to get their hands on the security expert and having the CISSP certification further highlight the resume which means companies are dying to have you on board at the desired salary. In addition, CISSP certification allows you to build your career in the cyber security field- opening new doors to career potentials.
  • The certification helped to understand the cyber security landscape: There are many who often describe the CISSP certification as “a mile wide and a step deeper” however, I believe that it is not the case. The CISSP Training Course in Dubai covers all the fundamental elements of the cyber-security landscape right from security management, risk management, system management, security testing, and operation. The certification ensures that all the aspirants gain in-deep knowledge and skills that are required to work within the overall organizational system. Do you know the best thing about being the CISSP expert? Once you crack the CISSP certification, you become a member of the ISC2 which is the world’s largest non-profit organization. On the current basis, there are more than 140000 members are there which is continuously growing. Being a part of such a big platform helps you to know, predict and discuss upcoming cybersecurity trends, issues, and strategies. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to interact with global experts whom you can reach to seek help regarding any issue.
  • You will shine among your peers: Holding the CISSP certification is the milestone of the career as the certification itself is the product of years of hard work and research. It holds the special value as the first credential to meet the strict conditions of the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard. And if it is not enough then, you would be surprised to know that it is the certification that meets the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 8570 IAM Level II/III, IAT Level III and IASAE Level I/II. In addition, CISSP is also the prerequisites of CISSP-ISSAP and CISSP-ISSEP.

I hope after reading the above benefits of the CISSP Training Course in Saudi Arabia, you may have come to acknowledge the decision I made by pursuing the CISSP certification.

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