What is wifi?

What is Wi-Fi:

In the era of technology, WiFi is used by everyone. Do you still know how it works? The internet came long ago but at that time you could use it only through cable, for example, you can see Telephone Booth. Earlier, you had to use Cable to work phone or use the internet. But in the Morden era of this technology, the use of cable has reduced to a great extent and instead of cable we are using the WiFi (WLAN) network. So have you ever thought about how the internet works without cable or how phone call has become possible, today we are going to know about it, so let’s start?

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Because of technology, Computer Engineers have created a wireless network in place of a wire cable which is called WiFi and we and you continue to use it everywhere. So let’s know by bed what Wi-Fi is. What is Wi-Fi we can say in our easy language that WiFi is a technology to access the network and the Internet with the help of radio waves? It works by providing wireless internet to mobile phones around the Wi-Fi access point (WiFi Device). The biggest feature of this technology is that its speed is given by the general service providers The going speed is much faster. This technology is easily found in today’s new smartphones, laptops, and computers. One

To create a wireless (wireless WiFi) network, a wireless router is required.

How WiFi Technology Works:

WiFi Technology is a technology through which we can use Wireless Network. Whether it is Office or Railway Station, you must have seen at the railway station that there is a big Transmitter / Hub / Router that creates a WiFi network. Components engaged in Transmitter / Hub / Router produce Radio Waves which cover a small area that we call WiFi Zone.

This small area takes the form of a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), also called Wi-Fi. All devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Laptop come inside this area, all those devices can easily use Wi-Fi. If there is a WiFi Adapter inside all those devices. If we want to have Internet access through WiFi in our Smartphone or Laptop, first of all, we should have a WiFi Router, a wireless network is created through the Router Hotspot and we can use it by turning on the WiFi of our Smartphone. And this process works on a laptop or computer.

Note: Some devices do not have a WiFi Adapter inside them – like some old computers, desktops, etc. they do not have a WiFi Adapter. In this case, buy a Wireless Adapter and plug it into the USB port of your desktop, after which you will be able to connect WiFi.

What is WiFi Standards:


There are 5 formats of wifi which you can see in the table below. And all the features of wifi are covered under this and they are called WiFI Standards Brand.

For example:





Wifi standards

802.11 Standards – The 802.11 standards originally came into existence in 1997 and were registered in 1999 and have a transfer rate of 1 or 2 Mbps.

802.11a – 802.11a is similar to the original 802.11 standards because it uses the data link layer protocol — and is used in frame 802.11 standards. But basic 802.11a it uses 5 GHz bandwidth and 54 Mb / s data range. This one is very effective.

802.11b – 802.11b also uses media defined by 802.11 standards. It came into view in 2000. The direct addition of modulation technology to 802.11b is similar to 802.11. Also, 802.11b suffers from the intrusion of other products. To operate 802.11b we need a 2.4 GHz band. 802.11b has many devices powered by a 2.4 GHz band such as Bluetooth, oven, card less phone and monitor

802.11g – 802.11g was authorized in 2003 as the third modulation device with the 2.4 GHz band. It provides the maximum data rate with 54Mbit / s at the physical level.

802.11g hardware is fully compatible with 802.11b. is. The most inspiring feature of 802.11g is speed, so users are adopting it fast.

Amendments to the 802.11n –802.11 standards are taking place according to the passage of time and user or network requirements. 802.11n is a revision of 802.11n standards. It has many new features and MIMO but is based on 802.11 standards. 802.11n was recognized as the last support in the 802.11 standard families in 2009.

WiFi features:

Wifi has many features (Advantage) that make it a much easier and simpler wireless network. Wireless is a version of Ethernet without wiring as a local area network using Wi-Fi technology for data sharing and two or more devices There can be no wiring required to connect to the internet or create a network under wifi. It is based on IEEE 802.11 wifi network is. Which makes it more easy and simple wireless network. Wireless is a version of Ethernet without wiring as a local area network. Wi-Fi technology can be used for data sharing and connecting of two or more devices. There is no need for wiring to connect to the internet or to create a network under wifi. It is a wifi network based on IEEE 802.11.

Advantage of WiFi:

1. There are many advantages of WiFi like anyone can easily use Wi-Fi on their phone or computer. For that, one has to live in the wifi area.

2. We can use it at railway stations, buses, malls, coffee shops, and other places, there should be wifi.

3. You can connect multiple devices inside a wifi device and it does not take much time to connect to wifi.

4. If you use a smartphone, then you must know why through wifi we can easily send the largest file to another smartphone.

The disadvantage of WiFi:

1. The first disadvantage is that there is not much security of wifi regarding security, this makes us afraid of data loss of the phone or the device which has a wifi connection.

2. It has a fix location (area), if our device is inside that area then we can use wifi otherwise we cannot.

3. Its range is not much, that is why if the wifi router is in another room and our device is in another room then the signal becomes low and the speed slows down.

History of WiFi:

WiFi was born in 1985. The United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) declared that anyone can use the IEEE 802.11 protocol without a license and since then its history has been introduced. You will not be aware of this, that the band is similar to that used in appliances like microwave ovens. The FCC made it mandatory to use the band. There are many bands used in wifi, which I have mentioned above, you can see it here too. Wifi works under these 802.11 Standards, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.

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