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What make this AKIRA KANEDA JACKET so special?

There is no such jacket like a red jacket; they have a deep-rooted meaning from eternity. In the palette of colors, red stands out as the most meaningful among all those colors. People wear it for different reasons, so it is not the commonly worn color. Because of this, these jackets are used even in movies to represent something, like an Akira Jacket. Though this jacket might sound generic, it has a very deep meaning behind its red coloring and pill print.


The movie Akira is often portrayed as a futuristic film to those who have already seen it. It is still relevant today, despite being three decades old. We are all in need of a movie like Akira right now. This movie showed the violence, agony, waning state, failures of government, all the issues in today’s world.

This movie shows how incompetence of government can destroy youth. A movie such as this one embodies those problems that everyone is scared to point out. Tetsuo gained telekinetic powers in exchange for the incompatibility within the government which made him behave violently and ruin his life.

This film revolves around Shotaro, the leader of a biker gang called “Capsule.” His gang used to participate in protests against the government. One of their most famous outfits is the “red capsule jacket,” a red leather parachute jacket with a capsule attached to it. This jacket’s red color was not by chance; it had a purpose.

Anger, drama, and rebelliousness are all associated with the color red. For the purpose of enhancing the personalities of young bikers, the color red was the ideal choice. Also, it brought them energy and courage, especially Shotaro; he chose a red leather jacket with red leather pants. He was exceptionally interesting; even in saving the state, he fought his best friend.

The comics use only red color to show the bikers’ freakishness, but the movie went for more details like a picture of the capsule on the back. Red symbolizes danger, and when paired with the capsule, makes it the most sensational AKIRA KANEDA JACKET of all time. Additionally, the capsule was meaningful and had a purpose.

Since the film never clarified how to interpret the caption “Good for Health, Bad for Education,” fans had to figure it out for themselves. As the pill represented their gang’s name and the phrase was linked to the pill, they depicted the meaning as their own. Therefore, a person needs to take medicines for good health, but one should not take too many medicines because they can mess up your mind.

With a disturbed mind, you cannot attend school; thus, the argument that it’s bad for education is justified. Despite this, some fans were satisfied with the meaning, so they demonstrated their meaning of the Akira Leather Jacket. Being a biker gang’s iconic wear, this jacket represents their name with a picture, and the caption means that having supportive friends is healthy, but spending too much time with them can ruin your future (your education).

It’s up to you which one is more relatable. Despite being worn on cosplays only, the jacket is still in trend and can be worn on your daily wear. Wear this rebellious jacket for dapper looks. You don’t have to send spine-chilling vibes.


Having grown up as a orphan and in Tokyo alone, Shotaro has a dark past. He became a leader in this biker gang in college. Usually, he appears calm, but at times he can become a thunderous storm, ruining everyone’s peace. This red jacket was ideal for his personality, because it embraced his features.

This jacket helped him look cool among ladies since he was flirty and jolly by nature. Skirt-chase became easy with this jacket, inclusively, if you possess any quality similar to Shotaro (except the violent ones), you will be transformed with this jacket and turn many heads.

You tell everyone around you a lot about yourself by your choice of clothes. Your personality is mirrored in them. The clothes we wear allow us to express our emotions, our mood, and our feelings. If you choose an outfit to wear from your wardrobe, you’ll realize that each outfit has some sense of association. Yes, this is true. Many of the clothes will carry a positive feeling, while some will carry a negative one. Wearing clothes that make you feel good is your style.

Right Kind Of Clothes And Apparel

Sometimes picking out the right type of clothes or attire is difficult for some people. People choose comfortable clothes for that reason. Wearing the right clothes will help you look your best and convey your personality to others. Stop hiding behind the clothes you wear for years. Fashionable clothes should be updated in your wardrobe.

Power In A Positive Way

Look beautiful and be bold. Feel free to experiment with different colors. You show your power through your clothes. Clothes have more power than anything else. The human race is governed by them. You have a large amount of control over how people perceive you based on your clothes. You can utilize this power in a positive way to have a long-lasting impact on others about you.

Going To Impress The People

You have the power to create your own image through your clothes. It is up to you to decide what to wear for each occasion. It’s always best to pick something you feel comfortable with. It is best to be true to yourself while choosing your clothes, so that you can always maintain an aura of style that will impress everyone around you.

With the Akira Jacket, you can bring magic into your life. More than just enchantment, it brings something more. You can totally transform your look by wearing this jacket. It is a red color jacket that will suit bold and confident people. The jacket is a celebrity inspired jacket which can be seen in the movie Akira. The film was released in the 80’s. Today, fashion enthusiasts still find this jacket appealing and captivating. This leather jacket comes with a patch that reads, “Good for health, bad for education”. You can choose between either a black or red color of this leather jacket. You can pick your favorite color. While red is for brave and confident men, black is for those who want to look bold and stylish.

Akira Jackets have yellow buttons that set them apart. Its front closure is stylish. Real leather is used in the jacket. It has two flapped pockets and two inside pockets as well. Get a leather jacket from Leatherings if you want to make a strong fashion statement no matter where you go. Those who prefer a distinctive and stylish jacket should look no further than Akira.

In Akira, Shotaro Kaneda is the main protagonist. He is one of the most famous characters of the anime franchise. A remarkable feature of his outfit is his jacket. Akira Kaneda Jacket best fits bikers and is perfect for wearing during winters. Comfortable to wear and easy to clean. A lot of replicas of the jacket are now on the market for movie fans, because it is highly demanded among teens and used as a Halloween costume.

A jacket like this catches your eye in an instant, thanks to its attention to detail. The jacket’s color is red, which makes it look more vibrant. The jacket looks quite unconventional with additional additions such as the red patches which are usually created from leather. These are attached to the jacket’s flexible padded shoulders. The jacket is designed to look shiny and glossy. The yellow buttons on the front of the jacket are another distinct detail, and the combination of the Maroon color, yellow and red really makes it stand out. This jacket is different from many other anime jackets, since you can wear it casually outside and it still gives a unique look. It’s a leather biker jacket.

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