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What Makes a Good RV Roof Tape?

Spending a lot of time in your RV, whether on the road or in camp, is going to bring you in contact with many adverse environmental conditions. Unsurprisingly, one of these is rain, and sometimes you just need a tough, quick fix to keep your RV roof from leaking.

If that’s the case, you can do pretty well with a quality RV roof tape. Just what is quality in a niche product like roof tape, though? Check out some of these features to learn more.

1.A tough, waterproof seal
Most importantly, you need a tough roof tape that affords a watertight seal. Since the primary function of roof tape is to prevent or stop leaks, a tape that doesn’t give a watertight seal is not of much use. Assure yourself of this first. You can learn more about the waterproofing or physical composition of any roof tape in its product description or by consulting an expert.

2.Ability to bond to a lot of surfaces
An RV roof tape also increases in value with an expanded ability to bond to a wider range of surfaces. For example, a high-quality roof tape will be able to afford a permanent bond to EPDM rubber roofs, TPO, and PVC roofs along with many other plastics and polymers. Also, roof tape should be able to afford a good bond to a metal roof, as many RV roofs are made of metal.

Even so, many other roof tapes will bond to polymers and metals in addition to bricks, masonry, wood, fiberglass, and many other composites.

3.UV stability
When it’s raining, your roof tape needs to be waterproof. When it isn’t, it needs to be sun-proof, for lack of a better word. Look for a roof tape that is UV resistant or UV stable, because when the rain isn’t coming down, you won’t want to find out that your roof tape broke down under the influence of sunlight. Plus, if you get a poor quality roof tape that breaks down, you’ll just have to replace it anyway. Use the right kind the first time.

4.Temperature stability
As the temperature of the country exhibits a wide range of variance, it is equally useful to find a roof tape that can be applied in hot and cold temperatures. Especially in cold temperatures, sealants become brittle and less effective, so get a model that works well with a wide range and you’ll be set.

5.A seal that is more than waterproof
Waterproofing is most important, as roof tapes are intended to prevent and stop leaks, but for what it’s worth, you can get roof tapes that are more than just waterproof.

Some are airtight and thus moisture proof as well, which will help you keep the humidity down in your RV, along with the right dehumidification equipment. Also, an airtight seal is good for heating and cooling.

6.An instant, permanent seal
While it’s raining or your roof is leaking there is no time for you to read the directions for roof repair tape and learn that it can’t be applied in wet conditions. Get roof tape that is easy to apply in all conditions and creates an instant, permanent seal for leaks or other similar problems. It will save you trouble in the long run.

You can find these traits in some of the RV roof tape that is for sale right now at RV Upgrades at RVUpgradeStore.com. Check out their large collection of RV roof tape, including examples from EternaBond, CoFair, and many other leading brands today on their website. Don’t forget, they’ve been around and seen it all, so if you have any questions, give them a call at 866-332-7881.

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