What Responsibilities Does a Caretaker Offer for Senior Care?

Caretaker Services in Hyderabad

After a certain age, elders often need help with day to day activities. Hence, there are caretaker services in Hyderabad that can help assist them with their basic and medical requirements. Here are some of the services you can expect:

Medical Needs

There are certain medicines for the senior person to take after a surgery or other major medical procedures. The caretaker ensures they receive the medication on time and in the prescribed quantity. Further, they also make sure to keep track of the follow-up appointments, regular visits to the doctor, and others.

Basic Needs

The basic needs include eating, bathing, grooming, toileting, and other daily activities. These caretaker services make sure to provide complete assistance to the aging people with all their basic needs. They make sure to change their dresses, help them clean up after being sick, help them brush, and perform other hygienic tasks with less difficulty.


The caretaker makes sure to take care of other activities around the house such as doing the laundry, dishes, cleaning the patient’s bed, changing sheets regularly, and so on. Since the patient is weak to take care of themselves, it gets difficult for them to look after other household chores.


Providing a company is one of the primary responsibilities of a caretaker as the elderly may feel lonely after their surgical procedure. They make sure to spend quality and a good time with the aging person and ensure their mental health is in check as it plays a vital role in their recovery.

Caretakers also help take the patient outdoors to the parks or around the township or on evening walks to let them experience the fresh air which will boost their mental health.


The caretaker helps the elderly adult with moving around the house easily and also outside of the home. They are skilled and make sure to help the older adult more around safely. Be it with their wheelchairs or walking sticks or walking, the caretaker assists with their mobility. They have the right knowledge as to how to help the person and hence can avoid painful mistakes.


Senior citizens may need to go to the doctor for follow up appointments and other places. Caretakers make sure to accompany them as well as transport them to their desired destinations. Be it attending a social event, or going to the supermarket, or visiting with the loved ones, the caretakers make sure to transport them safely.

Care Planning

It is necessary to create a care plan that involves managing the patient as well as the home. Sometimes, attending to both may get difficult. Hence a caretaker’s prime duty is to make a plan that fits all the responsibilities, and neither of them coincides or collides with the other.

Prepare Meals

The elderly adult may be required to eat certain types of food that contain the vitamins and nutrients that are needed for the body. A caretaker makes sure to prepare meals according to their taste at the same time including all the minerals the body needs to stay fit and recover quickly.


Some patients may find it difficult to get down the bed or easily sit in a chair. A caretaker helps them with transferring from one to another easily and make sure they are comfortable.


It might get hard to support your parents when you are living away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them at all. Just go for a senior home care services in Hyderabad and they’ll take care of them for you.

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