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What should you know about RTA Cabinets

The RTA stands for ready to assemble and these abbreviations refer to pre-assembled kitchen cabinets that come unassembled. The biggest benefit of RTA kitchens is you save on shipping, since the cabinets do not come in whole, all together packaged boxes, but only pay for their shipping. When you factor in the cost of labor to install the cabinets, the cost of buying new RTA kitchen cabinets is much more.

So how do you save money with RTA cabinets and make your next remodeling project go as smooth as possible? One way is by choosing a flat pack RTA. There are two basic types of flat pack RTA: the top-loading and the under-the-top. The reason RTA flat packs are cheaper than other kits is because when the cabinets are shipped flat out, there are no extra charges for putting them together. This alone can save you several hundred dollars off the retail price of the same project.

Another way to save money with RTA kitchen cabinet assembly is to get them done from a reputable seller. You should check the quality of the wood, the hinges and screws, as well as other details of the project. It’s easy to tell a shoddy job when you see it, so always be careful when purchasing RTA cabinets online. A lot of manufacturers are beginning to offer RTA cabinets with high-quality assembly instructions. That’s why it’s important to check out the seller’s website before purchasing the cabinet.

Some RTA manufacturers such as KitchenAid offer RTA kits with an all-metal body and anodized hardware. While these kits are less expensive than wood-and-iron bodies, they are no cheaper than RTA shipping costs. So if you’re going to go with the metal kits, make sure they come with detailed assembly instructions and that you follow them carefully.

You might think that RTA kitchen cabinets are only for those Dyers who have knowledge in assembly and designing furniture. Truth is, RTA kitchen cabinets can also be as beautiful as any other kind of built-up cabinet. The reason is that the quality of the wood used for RTA kits is good enough to give any home the look of a professional designer. As far as tools and equipment goes, you don’t need much to complete an RTA kitchen cabinet project. Since RTA assembly is fast and easy, you won’t need a whole lot of tools to get started. There are a number of handy tools you can use for an RTA kitchen cabinet project, including a tape measure and a pencil.

If you’re not sure about the look you want for your RTA kitchen remodel, there’s no need to fret. RTA cabinets are made to complement just about every kind of kitchen design. You can choose from fully assembled or semi-assemble RTA cabinet kits, which still require a few hands to install but offer better quality than ordinary unfinished RTA cabinets. If you’re looking to save money, you can even buy pre-assembled RTA kitchen remodel kits, which will save you the step work of having to find a good woodworking shop to do the installation. Whether you choose to go for the fully assembled or semi-assembled RTA kitchen remodel, you’ll have RTA ready to go when it’s time to start picking out cabinets for your kitchen.

Another advantage of RTA cabinet kits over traditional unfinished or factory assembled cabinets is the speed at which they are put together. RTA cabinets can be put together in a matter of hours, whereas cabinets made from solid wood such as oak, have to be prepared for months before they’re ready for installation. The assembly of RTA units also ensures that they are completely safe, since the units have been assembled using only top quality wood, and all screws have been properly adjusted so as not to cause damage during the installation process.

RTA cabinetry offers a high-quality product at an affordable price. You can have RTA kitchen cabinets installed in just a few hours, compared to a month or more for a custom built set of RTA furniture-grade plywood or particle board RTA cabinets. RTA units offer the same look and feel of traditional cabinetry, without the hefty price tag. By choosing to have RTA kitchen cabinets installed, you’ll save yourself the time and effort of assembling the same look and feel in your RTA kitchen cabinets that would have been required if you’d had to build them from scratch.

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