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What should you know about the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension?

What should you know about the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension?

The OpenCart Booking and Rental System extension by Knowband is a digital reservation system. Consumers may also rent hourly services and lease things through their company’s website. The Booking System Extension for OpenCart gives your business an easy-to-use online booking system. Users will also be able to make reservations in advance for their chosen times and amenities.

The OpenCart Service Booking module allows customers to arrange a variety of events. Daily rental commodities include a variety of things. For instance, hotel accommodations, hourly rental items, and daily rental commodities. The OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module enable you to design personalized itineraries. Furthermore, based on your clients’ preferences. You may also customize the official website by adding additional information, benefits, and functionality.

This blog talks about a variety of aspects of the OpenCart Event Booking plugin by Knowband. Further, take a look at them below.

The different services by the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension

Consultation scheduling with the OpenCart rental module

You can effortlessly handle your reservations with the OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension. You may give a spectrum of choices to your consumers with this Booking System Extension for OpenCart. Home care and office visits, to be more specific. Clients should be able to work in the environment of their choosing. Furthermore, if you offer activities such as equipment repair, salon services, and so on, having domestic help might be beneficial. If you operate a facility, though, branch visits are advantageous. You can allow individuals to arrange appointments if you are a practitioner, such as a doctor or a dentist. Also, pay a visit to your place. Your plan will define the sort of management you use.

Knowband’s Booking System Extension for OpenCart has the following functionalities.

Determine the date and time when people may book appointments.

Choose your time slots according to your preferences.

When making a reservation, decide on a beginning cost.

Adapt the cost based on the time of day.

Set the maximum number of meetings that may be planned in a single workday.

Configure your location. Moreover, enable the Google API key so that people may discover your location easily.

Booking System Extension for OpenCart allows the admin to create a hotel reservation system

A large percentage of hotel reservations happen online for getaways or special events. Do you own a hotel? Would you want to promote it in your business as well? Also, so that consumers may reserve rooms quickly? OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension is the most suitable alternative.

  1. This element of the OpenCart Service Booking module has various attributes.
  2. Sort your spaces into different categories.
  3. Select a room type, such as single, double, king-sized, queen-sized, and so on.
  4. While establishing a new space, select the room classification and category. Set the additional price for that particular room.
  5. Decide on a beginning pricing for each room.
  6. Include amenities provided by your facility and suites.
  7. Mention the maximum number of rooms that are bookable on a single day. Select the amenities that will be offered in that particular room.
  8. Set your address, and Google Maps will assist people in finding you.


Using the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module, you may create a rental system

Renting products or facilities for a fraction of the cost of acquiring them is achievable. As a result, the rental assistance market has increased dramatically during the last decade. Hourly and daily rentals are possible with the OpenCart Event Booking plugin. Clients who only require assistance for a brief span of time may benefit from hourly rental help. These are usually automobile and bike rental services where you loan an automobile or a motorcycle to people from time to time.

  1. This section of the OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension features the following.
  2. The hourly subscription service is suitable for people who just want assistance for a short time. These are often hourly automobile and motorcycle rental companies where clients can rent a car or a bike.
  3. The basic idea behind a daily rental business is that you rent your belongings for a few days.
  4. The Booking System Extension for OpenCart functions similarly to the booking plugin.
  5. Set the number of days a user will be able to use the rental service.
  6. Determine the maximum rental hours and the rental cap for an hourly subscription.
  7. Set a limit on how many bookings may be made in a single day.

Knowband’s OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension highlights

An online enterprise is converted into a reservation system

eCommerce Booking System administrators may quickly turn their business into a working booking process. Furthermore, the Booking System Extension for OpenCart makes this feasible.

Keeping scheduling appointments is simple

Appointments are simply set up and listed by the store administrator using the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension. Additionally, accommodation bookings, as well as hourly and daily rental goods are available.

Ui that is simple to use

The OpenCart Service Booking module features a simple user interface.

Easy order authentication and consumer information

Managers may verify purchases and consumer information via the backend of the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module.

Connection with Google Maps

The territory of the subject to availability products is presented using the Google Maps link.

Service is available at both branches and at home

There are two types of services offered by the OpenCart Event Booking plugin. The first is branch assistance, and the second is home service.

Cancellation of modules on specific days

The OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension may be deactivated for specific days by the administrator.

Creating an accommodation directory

This Booking System Extension for OpenCart may be used by store owners to produce a list of different types of hotel rooms. Additionally, categorize them as per their classifications and amenities.

Setup and settings are simple

This eCommerce Booking System is simple to install and requires no technical knowledge.

In the End

The online store seller will allow users to rent items, arrange appointments, and book lodging. Knowband provides a highly customizable OpenCart platform. It also allows online businesses to define rental products on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. In addition, motels are available for booking and appointment scheduling. With no effort, a web retailer may quickly develop a dynamic reservation system. This OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension allow the online shop to adjust the settings from the admin dashboard. For instance, the cost, time slots, date options, and a selection of the most popular consultations, reservations, or numbers.

Clients may use the website to make appointments, book hotels, book hourly rental goods, and book daily rental products as needed. On rare occasions, the net merchant may provide a reduced price based on value parameters. the online world OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension utilizes Google Maps to display locations on product pages in order to better serve customers.

Let us finish this post by stating that the Knowband OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension is an excellent choice. In reality, operating the settings from the module’s backend is fairly simple. Browse out Knowband’s OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension if you’re interested. In addition, please contact us at if you really have any questions. You can even take a look at the module on the Knowband site.


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