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What Women Should Wear at a Funeral

Attending a funeral requires mindful thinking, especially about what you should wear. It is not a time to go flashy and fabulous. Since it is a sombre occasion, the best dress choices are those that are conservative. Arriving in black is not always required but it is mostly acceptable.

Asking yourself what to wear for the funeral is an dilemma you never want to face. At times, it also feels overwhelming also. Attending an funeral is an meotional expeirnce and thinking about what to wear is the last thing that someone imagine.

Here is a helpful guide for women on how to dress up for a funeral, putting much thought into showing respect to the deceased and being sensitive to the people in mourning. Whether it’s your loved one, friend, immediate family member, co-worker or mentor, the ideas will keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Choose black and other dark colours

The funeral experts of agree that wearing black has long been a tradition. An all-black attire, at least for the immediate family of the deceased, is the norm in many cultures. For other guests attending the funeral, they may go for other options unless otherwise requested. They are, however, generally advised to stick to dark hues like brown, navy, purple, and grey.

Choose conservative styles

Wearing the proper attire is a fundamental etiquette to follow when attending a funeral. You must choose a more conservative design over fashion. Consider wearing a subdued cut and style, the types of outfits that you are likely to wear to church, business meetings, and job interviews.

Bright floral dresses, mini-skirts, and low-cut tops are a no-no; any outfit that will draw attention to yourself is a no-no. You must choose dresses, skirts or trousers and blouses, and pantsuits that do not put much emphasis on your curves or show off too much skin.

Keep it neat and clean

Other than choosing the right colour, style, or cut of your attire, it is also very important that you make sure it is neat, clean, and well-pressed. Again, you do not want to draw attention to yourself at this time when people are in mourning, whether positive or negative. You must be presentable as a basic rule for dressing up.

Dress according to the seasons

Your funeral dress should have an reference of teh weather or season. If it is in summer, consider the location first. If  you want to be the part of othe outdoor service, you will have to prepare for the sun and heat. Get unbrell and sunglasses. It’s better to have a black sunglass rather than summer fun style glasses. The umbrella should preferably be black.

Make sure to keep the lcothign lightweigh and it should not have many layers. It’s better to wear fabrics that are light and airy. So, dot wear nylon, synthetic slothing or something with polyster as all these absord hear. Let;s find out the exact clothin idea that you should consider during summer and winter funerals.

  • For summer

Make sure to choose comfortable and light dress, it could be a skirt at knee-length coupled with light blouse. Wearing short sleeved shirts are also acceptable. Just make sure that you avoid something that reveal too much of the chest or the shoulders.

Do not wear miniskirts, tight clothing or spaghetti straps. When it comes to colour selection, you can wear dark blue, gray or balck. However, in most of the cases, funerals allow wide range of colour to wear as long as they are not flamboyant.

  • For winter

Wearing classic wool cool in moderate or dark colours will always look good. For outwear, you can consider plaids in dark blue, winter green or in brown. Pick apir of rain boots to walk out to the funeral ground. You can also add accessories like scarf, warm gloves, head coverings, hats, etc. It’s better to stcik around the general guidlines when it comes to choosing the best attrie for a funeral.

Jeans – Whether good ro bad?

Funeral, as an occasion is informal, but if you are close to the deceased, it’s better to avoid jeans. You can still wear black jeans if you are an just an acquaintance or distant relative. But make sure that the lothign you choose fits you well, shouldn’t be ripped and should be very black. Wearing faded jeans are also a good look as they seems to be rugged denim.

Footwear – the right way to cover!

You can skil tights if it is a warm month. But that does not mean that you cango in atheletic sneakers, even in black. It’s a big NO! If the funeral is happening outside, which is in uslal cases, you have to be very careful abut the shoe choice. You just simply cannot wear pumps with a skinny heel. Getting black flats or small wedge would be an ideal decision to make. In case it is raining, go with the rain  boot.

Check out any possible variation

Guidelines on what to wear to a funeral may vary widely. But you can get by staying on the conservative side because that is the safest side. There may be different expectations, depending on what kind of funeral you are attending.

For the traditional, upper-class funerals, a formal, black dress code may be required. But when it comes to non-traditional funerals, which usually run a theme to celebrate the life of the deceased, there may be a specific request on colour or style to wear. Funerals that remain in between, there may be no expectation or requirement at all. What you choose to wear would be based purely on your judgment. Here are a few hacks:

  • A formal jacket is a basic addition that will help make your outfit passable, no matter what. So, keep one on hand.
  • T-shirts may be appropriate for casual funerals but stay away from loud prints and wild logos.
  • Athletic shoes and flip-flops are a no-no.

What to avoid?

You can try end number of options to wear at a funeral but what most people don’t know is what to avoid. Let’s find out the things that you must avoid doing or wearing at a funeral.

  • Underdress

Flauntinng your flip flops or trying your new glazzy shades does not suit the occasion of a funeral. Yu must respect the person deceased and dress accordingly.

  • Dont be a rebel

Funeral is not the right time to be a rebel. It’s time to mourn and you must not stand out.

  • Foeget why you are in the funeral

The ultimate point of attending a funeral is to show respect to the person no more and to console the immediate family. Make sure to choose anything and everything that is respectful and everything will be perfect.

Appropriate attire for a funeral may differ according to a lot of factors. It is still best that you check with the family of the deceased, their religion or family tradition, if you have the chance to.

Even though funerals happen to sad and very emotional experience, you must feel like to participated with greater mood. It’s imperative to show your respect and how you arrive matters the most. It is important to present in a better way and ensure that the outfit you wear shows the effort. Irrespecitve of the kind of affair you had with the deceased, one must always look well attired and polished at the funeral.

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