What you need to know about emails on a Medical Database

We are the powerful resource for any B2B sales professional or medical professional recruitment agency looking to connect with people working in the medical profession. It contains information on over 91,000 Canadian medical professionals, including relevant contact information. One thing it doesn’t contain is personal emails, because we are legitimate company that complies with Canadian privacy laws. Here are some important facts to know before starting to send emails to anyone you find on the medical database.

When Is Your Email Marketing Considered Spam

Remember when your snail mail box used to get jammed with flyers promoting products you don’t want, use or need? Spam is the modern-day digital equivalent. A recent study done on email use suggests there are approximately 124.5 billion business emails sent and received every day, with another 111.1 billion consumer emails sent and received. The typical office worker is bombarded with an average of 121 emails per day – a reason why Canadians don’t always enjoy coming back to work after a holiday.  And in 2014 when Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL) was founded, Canada was home to seven of the world’s Top 100 spamming groups. As a result of the switch to digital mail, CASL was developed to protect businesses from the misuse of digital technologies like spam and electronic threats like malware, spyware and viruses. The goal of CASL is to help Canadian businesses stay competitive while mitigating the social and economic burdens of spam – defined as unsolicited emails, texts and software links. How does that affect use of the best medical database available on the market?

Let’s say you’ve subscribed to our website in order to access the online medical databases available through your subscription. You’ve done your research on the targeted individuals you’ve found amongst the 91,000-plus potential leads, generated your prospect list and are ready to start conducting your B2B marketing and outreach. You can begin by using the direct contact information found in the database.  By making a personal connection with a prospect, you can request permission to directly email your contact the proposal and information discussed in your call. This will increase your open-rate and ensure your target is expecting your email. That is the legitimate way to utilize email marketing.  There are companies that offer lists of email addresses for sale; those companies should be avoided because they are often in non-compliance with CASL policies.

Once you do have permission to email, you have to consider your content and the frequency at which you reach out to the contacts on your lead list. Because you’ll be reaching out for the first time, you don’t want to be flagged as a spammer using email without permission to send information. That means you have to be disciplined in managing your electronic marketing programs. Click-through-rates are low for the most effectively targeted email marketing campaign, so you don’t want to leave a bad first impression and jeopardize any potential you have of securing a client. By thoroughly researching your prospect to ensure your products and services align with their needs, you have a better chance of your first email marketing message being effective. Medical professionals don’t have the time to weed through thousands of emails they might be receiving monthly, so ensuring you are delivering an excellent value proposition, with targeted content and a personalized (not spamming) email, your chances of having a prospect open your email increases.

Use Medical Database For Marketing Plan Development

Digital marketing is critical to your marketing mix. Make sure your marketing outreach is effective.


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