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What You Need to Know About Stirrers

Before you buy a stirrer, it is essential to understand what you need to know about them. You need to know the size, safety features, and durability. Choosing the proper stirrer like a 2mag stirrer is necessary for the safety of your lab and its personnel. Read this article to learn more about stirrers. We also look at different types, including magnetic stirrers, ceramic stirrers, and models with hotplates.

Magnetic Stirrers

A magnetic stirrer is a high-performance blending tool for various applications of surfactants, oils, and water phases. These stirrers are also ideal for procedures that require low agitation. Some models also come with a hot plate and can be used simultaneously with a hot plate. Those requiring a more expensive stirrer may also consider magnetic stirrers with hot plates. These devices come in different prices and sizes.

A magnetic stirrer is available in heated and non-heated varieties. Both magnetic stirrers were assembled in a general assembly sequence and tested for stability and safety. More specific assembly sequences are described in the following sections. The magnetic stirrer that has been heated is equipped with two neodymium magnets. Its heat pad is made of stainless steel. Magnetic stirrers have the same advantages and disadvantages as conventional agitators.

Ceramic Stirrer Hotplates

A ceramic stirrer hotplate is designed to meet the requirements of laboratories and other research settings requiring precise temperature control and stirring. It is equipped with cutting-edge heating plate technology, known as VELP. This technology ensures consistent heating performance and temperature uniformity. A ceramic stirrer with a digital display can stir up to 15 liters of water, and its stirring speed ranges from 50 rpm to 1500 rpm. In addition, several settings allow the user to monitor temperature from room temperature to up to 550 degrees Celsius.

Hotplate stirrers from VWR are specifically designed for applications requiring exceptional accuracy, repeatability, and stability. Unlike traditional hotplates, these stirrers offer high-speed stirring and superior heating and mixing capabilities. Designed for laboratory applications, these stirrers are available in two different sizes. Each stirrer has an adjustable temperature range and a temperature knob. In addition, they feature a magnetic stir bar and support rod for mounting thermometers.

Safety Features

Magnetic stirrers are an excellent choice for labs because they are chemical-resistant. These stirrers are also safe because they adhere to international safety standards. The Magnetic Stirrer (ICTM) by IKA conforms to the safety regulations for laboratory equipment. The ICTM RCT essentially meets these requirements. Both the magnetic stirrer and the glass top are made of chemical-resistant materials. The following table outlines the safety features of stirrers.

Hot plate stirrers are more susceptible to spills because of their higher viscosity. However, the RCT essential by IKA has enhanced heat control technology, including a Hot Top Indicator, which indicates when the top surface is too hot to handle. Another safety feature is the safety circuits. The safety circuits installed in these stirrers ensure that the temperature and speed are maintained safely and without accidents.


A stirrer is used to mix the ingredients of a drink, such as milk or cream, in a drink. Stirrers are great for parties, gatherings, and everyday use. Some stirrers are made from bamboo, making them biodegradable. The size of the stirrers is dependent on the purpose. You can find stirrers that are either bamboo, metal, or both. Then, select the size that fits your needs.

There are different sizes and shapes of stirrers. A stir bar provides lots of turbulence at slow speeds and acts as a scraper. It can prevent sedimentation and dissolution. Stir bars are often sold in sets of two or more different shapes. The larger the bar, the more motion it produces. A larger stir bar, on the other hand, increases the efficiency of the mixing process. A 6-inch stir bar is perfect for a long cocktail.


There are many types of stirrers on the market. The price of stirrers is often a determining factor in purchasing one. They come in various sizes and styles and vary in volume and speed. You can find single-position and multiposition stirrers, battery-powered and electric stirrers, and even manual stirring devices. Consider a few factors before making your final purchase when shopping for stirrers.

When selecting a stirrer, look for a suitable model for your needs. An excellent magnetic stirrer will ensure the homogeneity of your liquid samples. This is important in any laboratory setting, as inconsistent mixing can lead to inaccurate results. A magnetic stirrer may be equipped with a hot plate, allowing you to quickly heat liquids and keep them at the desired temperature. The design of a magnetic stirrer is another factor to consider. Magnetic stirrers may be the best choice for various applications, including mixing reagents. They come with a small footprint, taking up little counter space.

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