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You may have heard people advising you to change your tyres after a certain period of time. Your tyres may still look new and healthy, but it is always preferable to change them after some years. This is mainly due to safety reasons, because sometimes what you see from outside may not be the reality. Your car needs constant check-up to make sure if it is okay for functioning.

So, when do you need to consider replacing the tyres? How would you come to know if it is the right time to change them? Let us know about these signs.


The first answer anyone would give is after a period of five years, or six. The tyres may be in good condition but still changing them should be considered to be on a safer side. It is said that over time, the rubbers crack and dry which could lead to possible blowouts and accidents.

When you feel that the tread depth is too low, it is exactly the time that you should change the tyres with Syron Tyres Leeuwarden. Less tread depth means your tyres may lose traction which means lower grip on the roads. Especially during the rainy seasons when the road is too wet, it becomes really tough for the worn-out tyres to gain traction on the road and leads to hydroplaning, a condition in which it becomes difficult to control the car on wet surfaces.

So, to summarise, there are two reasons for the tyres to be changed: their age and their tread depth. But how will you notice these signs? Well, there are methods which will clear all your doubts.


There are two methods which are: – checking the manufacturing date and using quarter and penny tests.

The penny test method 

You could test the tread depth by using a tread depth gauge or using a penny, which is a much easier way. Insert the quarter in the centre of the tyre of the tread with George Washington’s head pointing towards the tyre. If the top of the head is visible, then it should be replaced.

Make sure that your car is parked in an area with good lighting so that you could clearly observe the measurement.

The Manufacturing Date Method

To check how old the tyres are, one should check the four-digit number which is also known as the Department of Transportation code. The first two digits signify the week on which the tyre was manufactured, and the last two digits tell the year in which it was manufactured. For example, 1207 means the tyre was manufactured on the 12th week of the year 2007.

Also, changing tyres is dependent on driving habits.

Speeding: Driving at unusual speeds may cause the tyres to go through a lot of unnecessary pressure.

Driving on damaged roads where there are a lot of potholes, stones and gravels may lead to damage to tyres. When a tyre hits such objects, a cut or crack may appear which may result in dangerous events. So, road conditions matter a lot.

Also, how often you drive also matters a lot in this case. Usually, the more you drive a vehicle, the more care it needs. So, when the change is required, you can strongly consider Tyres Leeuwarden. visit for more APK Leeuwarden


Auto Service Romkema is een gerenommeerde garage onder de Leeuwardense bevolking voor het leveren van uitzonderlijke autoservices en hoogwaardige banden Leeuwarden.

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