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When and why should you get Building Inspection Adelaide

When you go to buy a house. Make sure that a Building Inspection Adelaide contingency is included in the contract. This compels the seller to get the house inspected before selling the house. But, if someone forgoes the Building Inspection Adelaide.

Then the problems that arise after the sale is made are totally the buyer’s responsibility. Hence, if you are thinking of buying a house in Adelaide. Then our Building Inspection Adelaide can inspect the house for you. We at One-Stop Inspection believe in excellence and high-quality service.

Why should you get the Building Inspection Adelaide?

Apart from getting the house inspected before buying, you should get your house inspected right after the rainy season. As rain can damage the roofs, the foundation, the guttering, and the plumbing, hence it is prudent to make sure that your house is in top condition. Our experienced home inspectors in One-Stop Inspection can help you ascertain the damage done by the rain to your house. Their Building Inspection Adelaide will be accurate, and they will give you a detailed description of all the damage that your house has sustained.

What our inspectors look for?

Our Building Inspection Adelaide professionals are trained to look for any damage and any discrepancies in the building of the house. Thus, when they find one, they include it in their detailed report and also provide suggestions on how to repair the damage, or on how to overcome the discrepancies.

Things they usually look for are as following:

Structural discrepancies:

Includes the inspection of foundations, ceilings, floor and floor framing, walls, stairs, drainage systems, and window alignment.

Safety measures:

Inspection includes fire alarms, garage doors, hand and guardrails, and the condition of stairs
Grounds: Inspection includes septic tanks, drainage system, condition of houses driveways, fences, and sidewalks


The inspection of the roof includes the condition of shingles, repairs, and patches to the roof, chimneys, vents, and gutters.

Exterior Surfaces:

Inspection includes clearance between ground and siding material, condition paints, lights, and electrical outlets.
Attics: Inspection includes ventilation, insulation, and water damage.
Plumbing: Inspection includes damage to the pipes, the temperature of hot water, and the functioning of sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

Electrical System:

Inspection includes Up-to code condition, and type of visible wiring, the function of circuit breakers, outlets, light fixtures, and fans.


Inspection includes proper functioning of microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other free-standing appliances.

Heating and cooling systems:

Inspection includes the condition of the furnace, air conditioning, water heater, chimney, and fireplace.


Inspection includes the condition of the foundation, signs of water leakage, and damage.
Garage: Inspection includes Solid foundation, windows, ceiling, framing, roof condition, working garage door, and electrical systems.

Insulation and ventilation:

Inspection includes insulation in attics, in the foundation areas, kitchen, bath, laundry’s ventilation system, and the presence of ventilation fans.


Thus, our Building Inspection Adelaide is thorough to the last degree. And we don’t leave anything to chance. If you are thinking about how to get more information from the home inspectors, then they can give you advice on how to fix certain damages. They can also advise what kind of material to use, and from where you can buy the best material from. Thus, our experienced and skilled inspectors will guide you along each step of the way.

You can book your Building Inspection Adelaide with us today. You can either book a same-day inspection, or you can choose a day which suits you best. Either way, we will provide you with a quality service.

Mold Building Inspection Adelaide

How can home inspectors find hidden mold? Learn how quality Building Inspection Adelaide can detect this problem, even if it’s hiding in your walls.

In some cases, a mold problem is quite obvious. You can see it growing in the cracks of a damp bathroom or on the grout around the kitchen sink. But other times, mold can grow in hidden places, such as a damp crawlspace or even inside of a wall where pipes are dripping.

If you’re buying a home, how can you be sure that there isn’t a hidden mold problem? The answer is Building Inspection Adelaide. Keep reading to learn how a Building Inspection Adelaide professional can find a mold that you can’t even see.

Moisture Tests

As part of a standard Building Inspection Adelaide is testing for high levels of moisture where they shouldn’t be. A Building Inspection Adelaide professional will use a moisture detector to measure levels of moisture throughout the home. This is an important tool for finding hidden leaks. Additionally, because mold needs a moist environment to grow, for finding mold too. Of course, moisture doesn’t automatically mean that mold is growing, so they take their tests a step farther.

Air Quality Testing

Mold doesn’t just live on surfaces. It also releases spores into the air as it grows. This is why mold is so dangerous in your home. As the mold spores in the air can have negative impacts on the health of everyone inside. Those mold spores in the air will also be a dead giveaway of mold growth in the home.

Building Inspection Adelaide expert also often perform air quality tests to search for signs of mold growth. As well as potential issues with ductwork and the HVAC system. If their air quality test indicates high levels of mold spores in the air, you can feel certain that mold is growing somewhere, even if you can’t see it.

Finding the Area of Growth

Of course, just knowing that there’s mold in the home isn’t enough. You need to know exactly where it’s growing. The tests mentioned above will typically help to narrow down the area of potential mold growth, but finding and dealing with the issue can be a bit trickier, as it often involves cutting into the walls. However, common areas of mold growth.

include the following:

Areas where a pipe has leaked
Areas under roof leaks
Basements/crawlspaces with water damage
Areas with high humidity
Areas with poor circulation or ventilation

As you can see, mold is typically only a problem in a home with other issues. So, if your Building Inspection Adelaide professional finds mold, make sure that the mold problem is addressed. As well as the problem that led to the mold growth in the first place.

One Stop Inspections

If you are looking for a good company to do the building inspection Adelaide, One stop inspections is the best company in Adelaide wide.

Wide variety of inspection services, Building, pest, pool, air conditioning inspection.
Check our Building inspection Adelaide services for more info and pricing.

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