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Where in NYC should you rent your first college apartment

Picking a suitable place to live in New York is never an easy task to do. This process is even harder when you have to select that space as a student. Considering you won’t live in a dorm, there are numerous other options you might want to have at your disposal. With that in mind, there is plenty of homework you must do to accomplish this goal accurately. Only then will you discover the answer to the question – where in NYC should you rent your first college apartment.

Even though you are a student and you have plenty of things to think about right now, it is important to learn how to deal with stress after moving to New York. This big change will affect many things, and you have to do your best to prepare for a new life here. So, to start your chapter in the Big Apple on the right foot, find out how to pick a great location to be your home during this time!

Map - Use it to discover where in NYC should you rent your first college apartment.
When searching for an apartment, make sure to check out a few neighborhoods. Those options will be different, and it will help you decide which area suits you the most!

So, where in NYC should you rent your first college apartment?

The best way to prepare for househunting is to learn as much as you can about New York City. This introduction will help you discover a perfect area that suits your needs entirely. Also, whenever you can, visit different parts of NYC and check out apartments for renting. Thanks to these visits, you will learn more about the city, and you will know what to expect from renting apartments. Apart from that, also check out the best things to do in New York, where to go out, how to make extra money, etc. These activities will help you get to know this place a little bit more whether you already live in NY or a newcomer.

Sunset Park

The first location you should check out is Sunset Park! This part of Brooklyn is a hidden gem for many students who want to live here. Anyway, it is in a great location in Brooklyn, and whenever you need motivation for studying, all you have to do is explore it. You can enjoy scenic views, amazing food, and friendly people. The community is home to many Latinos, it is vibrant, and you will find it perfect for living.

So, if you decide to look for an apartment in Sunset Park, you should know what to expect here. Students will have an opportunity to rent apartments that are quite affordable. Also, another way to save some money is to keep your things in a safe unit. Sunset Park will offer you a great deal when it comes to renting storage space as well. In other words, whenever you determine to go to college in New York, there are plenty of reasons why Sunset Park should be your home for a few years.

Room for a student.
Learn how to set up your priorities when it comes to househunting!

Bushwick might be the answer to the question – where in NYC should you rent your first college apartment

The next spot in Brooklyn that is worthy of student’s attention is, of course, Bushwick. Bushwick is a great spot for living even when you decide to stay here after your college days. It is perfect for your young people who are students, young professionals, and young families. This part of Brooklyn is safe, and it is also home to artists and creative souls. When it comes to apartment renting, here students can find their home for an appropriate amount of money. But if you ever want to break the renting and leave your apartment, check out the ultimate guide to moving into a college dorm.


Flatbush is also a good location in NYC for renting your first college apartment. Here, students will enjoy numerous things like affordability, numerous attractions, and a great transportation system. Apart from that, this Brooklyn part will offer you diversity, vibrancy, and an urban feel. Also, students will find their home here in no time. You will be surrounded by numerous family-friendly people, tourists, and just like you – newcomers. And, Flatbush is a great connection to commute to Manhattan. So, whenever you want to get away from learning and catch some motivation, you can easily escape to Manhattan for entertaining.

Well, to fully experience this place, you should seriously think about moving here. So, to get things done in no time and move into your new apartment in Flatbush stress-free, you should think about working with movers. Those Flatbush local relocating professionals will help you transfer your belongings easily so you can settle in in no time. Working with movers is something you should have in mind considering how the process of college relocation can be daunting for any student. So, to save your sanity during this time, you should prepare yourself properly for this chapter in your life.

Young man.
Apart from the affordability, you should also look for a place that will keep you motivated for studying.


Well, in case you want to live outside of New York City, there are plenty of reasons why you should go Upstate. You see, there, a place named Elmira might just fit your requirements. This city has a well-ranked college where you can get the knowledge you apply for. Anyway, if you are looking for some entertaining opportunities while learning, you can also get that here. The only things Elmira college doesn’t have for students are fraternities or sororities.

So, if you find these reasons interesting, you should think about getting your home here. Anyway, check out some tips for organizing a stress-free move to Upstate New York, and you can begin your life in this amazing part of the Empire State. Elmira is perfect for students who are like to learn and who are hard workers.

Parkchester is one more location in NYC where you can rent your first college apartment

Parkchester is a neighborhood in the Bronx that will fit your students’ needs for sure. This amazing place will offer you affordable apartments, numerous activities, and plenty of other things. As for the housing options, you can choose from condos, lofts, and many more. When it comes to entertainment, here, you can spend your time at numerous restaurants, cafes, etc. Anyway, you will be living in one of the most incredible cities in the world, so you already know that you will never be bored here.

In case you ever decide to gain some extra money, Parkchester will offer you job opportunities. Apart from that, you can easily commute to other parts of the Bronx, or New York City itself. Parkcheter is well connected, so you can explore the other areas of the Big Apple whenever you want.

Student in the room.
Well, in the end, there are many amazing locations where in NYC should you rent your first college apartment.

Where else students in NYC live

Apart from the areas above, there are some other parts of New York that college students live. For example, you should know that Morningside Heights is the largest student neighborhood in the city. When it comes to other parts, Astoria in Queens is also home to many students. In the Bronx, another perfect location for students is Fordham.

Anyway, to find an ideal place where you can spend your college days, you need to do plenty of homework. Considering you won’t prefer to live in a dorm, renting is something you must think through. So, when this chapter in your life is coming close, you need to know how to set up your priorities straight so you can be ready for what’s coming in New York.

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