Which Online Casinos Are Accepting Rupees?


If you’re finding an online casino, you run into several different challenges. Some of them pertain to where you live. I can say for certainty that not every online casino is not open to everyone. This can be due to the type of currency they don’t accept.

When I ran into these challenges, I realized not all hope was lost. If you reside in India, find an online casino that accepts rupees. Yes, your selection of games will be restricted. But I’ll be able to help you find the right ones.

Let’s cut to the chase and I’ll show you how. Here we go.

What is your starting point for finding online casinos?

AskGamblers in my opinion is great for finding online casinos that are accepting rupees. I was pleased by the way they organized things. You can find an online casino that accepts currencies of your choice. To be fair, I don’t want you dealing with a certain headache. Specifically one where you have to convert rupees into another currency.

In my personal experience, it’s a time waster. I’d rather you find an online casino that directly accepts Indian rupees going forward. Why deal with exchange rates that change all the time? Because each time you convert currency, you’ll feel like you’re getting less.

Don’t forget to look before you choose

I’d be remiss if I didn’t go into a list of considerations that you need to follow and why. Like any search process, you need to find out which online casino is a good fit. Let me provide you with some suggestions so you find the right one:

  • Is my data going to be secure? Security in my opinion should be taken seriously. I will not play at an online casino that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. SSL is one of the biggest indicators of security. If land-based casinos can get hacked, online casinos can too by someone skilled enough.
  • What games am I offered? I don’t know about your preferences for games. But I prefer variety. I hate when online casinos offer all slots and no table. If that’s you personally, great. But I never want to be bored out of my mind with a lack of choices. Table games like roulette are my favourites. If I feel like betting on red, why not?
  • Do you care about bonuses? I don’t play a lot. Almost every casino will offer a bonus for new players who sign up. On top of that, they also offer incentives for those who keep playing. Do what you want – but I’d be reading the fine print first. Especially when you need to understand how to get the bonuses and incentives.
  • Do they accept Indian rupees? Self-explanatory, isn’t it? If they directly accept them, that’s a green light. If not, you’re wasting your time. Especially with converting rupees into the accepted currency.
  • Am I going to enjoy myself? This is something you want to think about regarding yourself. Will you enjoy playing these games? Are you willing to have fun while being responsible? I want you to have fun playing these games. I don’t want you to put your thoughts and feelings on the line.
  • Scam or no scam? I hate scams as much as anyone. Do you want to avoid them? The best way to do this is to read the customer reviews. It’s the only way in my opinion. Plus it’s better than risking it yourself.
  • Are you getting responses from customer service? If you run into an issue it needs to be straightened out. Who better than online customer support? They should respond within 24 hours or less. Anything longer is a red flag.
  • Read the reviews thoroughly: I say this is pretty self-explanatory. Pay attention to what other players are saying. Ignore the one-liners that offer no substance. Instead, you need to read the more detailed reviews. Where do you find them? Trustpilot is one place to start.

Last words before you go

I highly advise you to follow the list of considerations above. The AskGamblers guide should be something to use as well. Please enjoy yourself and be responsible when playing your favourite online games. Take care and thanks for reading.

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