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Who Are The most Selfish Zodiac?

Selfish? You?? No, it couldn’t be. Don’t fret dear bestie viewer. If you come across as selfish your zodiac might be to blame. Here’s the signs who are most to least selfish. ARIES Aries, you are the youngest zodiac and unfortunately you’re also the most selfish. You sometimes have a me first attitude and that can be a little off putting to others just like Tabaxi names. You also have very high self esteem so this might not even bother you. You are very driven and that’s a good thing Aries, just don’t let it get out of hand.

Give credit where credit is due and remember, sometimes you have to make sacrifices, you can’t do it all. Try to let someone else have a chance from time to time. TAURUS As a Taurus, you strive for stability and security. This can sometimes come across as a bit materialistic. While it is true that you have to look out for yourself from time to time try not to get carried away. Going after stability is great, and we want you to do what makes you happy but you don’t want to become over possessive, or to come across as aggressive.

Practice gratitude and be thankful for the things you do have once in a while, especially when it comes to your relationships. Just because you don’t have all the things you want in life at this moment, doesn’t mean you won’t get them eventually. Learn to enjoy the now a little more and you’ll probably be happier overall. LEO You are fearless, Leo. You’re not afraid of a challenge, especially if it’s something you really want. You will do whatever it takes to win and sometimes that can be seen as being selfish like Khajiit names.

In your personal life you love the spotlight but that doesn’t mean you have to be on all the time. Give yourself and others a break and let someone else carry the weight of being the star for a moment. This will not only give you some much needed downtime, but you’ll create better friendships and relationships because of it. GEMINI It’s no secret that Gemini’s can flip back and forth between personalities. It’s part of their nature. Depending on who the Gemini is channeling that particular day might mean that they will dismiss your wants and only look out for themselves.

Luckily they won’t always be that way and their pleasant nature will usually shine through eventually. Gemini, you just need to work on being a bit more reliable at times and not to let your darker side have too much attention. VIRGO You may have been called a perfectionist once or twice in your lifetime Virgo. While it is true you’re very intelligent and you like things just so, don’t let that intelligence make you arrogant or selfish. Just because someone likes to do it a different way, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Sure you can do it all yourself but that can be exhausting. Make sure you take care of yourself too, not just the tasks that need to be done in a day. You can sometimes be viewed as selfish when it comes to doing things your way, but more often than not you lean towards being selfless and will work just as hard for those you love, as for yourself. SCORPIO When you see an opportunity you reach out and grab it Scorpio. You live in the ‘right now’ and are always looking for new opportunities that can better your situation.

Just be careful when you’re grabbing all these opportunities as sometimes you can overlook the feelings of those around you. You’re very likeable and are likely to have many people around you who love you. Cherish those people and make sure their feelings are considered when it comes to some of those big, exciting life decisions. AQUARIUS Probably the most fickle of the zodiac signs, aquarius you are a true original and value your independence. You don’t really need a relationship to be happy, but when you are in one sometimes you struggle with compromise.

You don’t want to make sacrifices for love,but that’s part of the game. You don’t let your emotions get in the way when chasing after what you want and that can come across as being cold. However, this isn’t all bad. It’s true you do look out for yourself,but you often give back to your community or loved ones just as much, if not more. Keep giving back, but just remember compromise can be a wonderful thing, too. SAGITTARIUS Your childlike wonder and playful personality are so fun to be around Sag. You love to go on adventures and crave freedom.

This childlike wonder is infections and is what draws people to you, however, this immaturity can be mistaken for selfishness. Most of the time you’re just excited about life and want to discover as much as you can in this lifetime, which sounds like a ton of fun. You have a strong ability to make long lasting friendships Sagittaruis and most of your inner circle will know you well enough to see that you’re just not a selfish person. CANCER As someone who in very in tune with their own emotions, sometimes you play the victim card, Cancer.

You are wonderful when it comes to giving advice and are often the friend your buds turn to when they need to talk to someone,but sometimes you wrap the story around how much you’ve had to go through. This can sometimes come across as a bit selfish when it comes to the attention you need. Don’t worry though, you’re very giving in your nature and are a wonderful friend or partner when someone needs a shoulder to cry on. CAPRICORN You play by the rules and are extremely driven by nature, Capricorn.

You know very well that you have to earn success and you’ll self sacrifice until you get where you want to be. You’re not scared of a little hard work, in fact you often pride yourself on a job well done. You are often a leader in whatever you do,but sometimes you might lose sight of what’s really important in life. Don’t sacrifice your other relationships too much to achieve these goals. After all, success is great, but if you don’t have anyone to share your wins with, are they really wins in the end? LIBRA You’re known to be pretty fair, Libra and that’s why you’re so far down on this list.

Rarely are you ever called selfish. However, there are moments that can arise where you require others to put your needs first. This is usually when you become dependent on someone, or in a relationship. Remember it’s a partnership, not ownership. 98% of the time you’re a delight to be around Libra, so don’t worry too much about being selfish, it’s not really in your nature. PISCES Just like the tides you mood can change pretty quickly pisces. You are very intuitive and sometimes that can really affect how you’re feeling.

Sometimes they affect you so much you confuse these feelings for your own, and that is usually the case when it comes to being selfish.. You’re very gifted, and one of the more intelligent signs on this list, so you are pretty self aware, just be careful you’re not letting those bad vibes you sometimes feel spread to others. Keep discovering all the wonderful things you are Pisces, and you should have no trouble when it comes to your relationships.


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