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Washing Remy human wigs 

Why Are Remy Human Hair Wigs The Best?


Remy human hair wigs are the best option if you want to reclaim your original hair glory. Remy human hair wigs are among the most popular types of wigs available today, and there are a plethora of reasons why!

The remy human hair wigs are crafted using Remy human hair from one donor and have all the characteristics of the natural look and feel of human hair. 

The remy hair is gathered and sorted in such a way. That the root and tip of the hair run in the same direction with all the hair cuticles intact. The result is tangle-free and shed-free human hair.

Hair Factory is a leading hair brand that exclusively offers a wide range of virgin human hair wigs and extensions at attractive prices. With proper care, all hair enhancements from Hair Factory can easily last up to a year or more.

Want more reasons to love Remy human hair wigs? Continue reading to learn why having Remy hair in your hair arsenal is the best investment you can make!

What are Remy hair wigs?


Understanding Remy hair wigs

Understanding Remy hair wigs

Remy human hair wigs require meticulous hair collection from a hair donor. The cuticle preservation of Remy human hair distinguishes this process from other human hair collection methods. 

Every hair follicle in Remy hair is aligned as well as the symmetrical direction of the cuticles is maintained. 

This meticulous process of the collection ensures that every strand of hair flows in the direction it did when it was naturally growing from the scalp.

This is an expensive process and this is usually reflected in the higher price of Remy hair. Incidentally, this is another tell-tale sign of Remy hair.

1. Premium Hair Quality 

Premium hair quality 

Premium hair quality 

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Remy human hair wigs. 

To begin, we will discuss their quality. Hair quality is determined by how suppliers gather and store the hair. 

Since the hair cuticles are preserved during the hair sourcing process. it is far superior to synthetic or non-Remy hair. 

They provide a realistic appearance with natural hair shine and are easy to manage. Plus, Remy human hair is known for being tangle-free. ​​

2. Versatile Options

Versatile Remy human hair wigs

Versatile Remy human hair wigs

Another advantage of using Remy human hair wigs is the option of selecting from various styles. After all, it is a matter of your wants and needs. 

The length of human hair strands upon collection determines the difference between double and single drawn wefts.

Single-drawn hair come from a single donor, but the suppliers do not sort them. As a result, the lengths of their strands vary, as they naturally do in one’s hair. This ensures that the hair you buy has the most authentic look.

On the other hand, double-drawn hair has strands that are all the same length. Because they are organized in groups beforehand. The latter is usually more expensive than the former because it takes more time to sort the hair.

Many textures and styles are available in single-drawn and double-drawn hair, and you can choose the one that suits your style the best.

3. Unprocessed Hair

Platinum wavy Remy human hair wigs

Platinum wavy Remy human hair wigs

It is important to understand that not all lace front, full lace Remy human hair wigs are made from virgin hair. 

The hair could have undergone chemical procedures while still on the donor’s head. Whether virgin hair or not, after the manufacturer obtains the hair from the donor and creates the wigs, it does not go through such treatment. 

Remy hair simply means that all the cuticles of the hair are aligned and face the same way. 

Remy virgin hair is thus more expensive than non-virgin hair, even if that non-virgin hair is Remy.

4. Color and Heat-Style Friendly


Style your wig to create the look your desire
Style your wig to create the look your desire

Style your wig to create the look your desire 

When it comes to Remy human hair wigs, the styling options are endless. You don’t have to stick to one hairstyle or color because Remy human hair can be heat-styled. And colored without compromising the integrity of the hair. 

Do you want to make a drastic hair color change? What about getting a perm? Or do you want to straighten your hair? Perhaps cut it short? Do you want wigs with bangs? All that and more is possible with Remy human hair! 

Remy human hair wigs are just like your natural hair and can withstand thermal styling and coloring processes, as long as you use heat and color protectants beforehand.

5. Extremely Durable


Strong and durable Remy hair
Strong and durable Remy hair

Strong and durable Remy hair

The hair strands of Remy human hair wigs are stronger than others and will last longer. 

Each Remy human hair wig is skillfully and meticulously created, ensuring that you receive a wig worth your money. Proper maintenance, storage, and general upkeep will easily make your hair last up to a year or more. 

6. The Most Natural Finish


Most natural finish 

Most natural finish 

It is obvious that Remy human hair wigs have a natural shine and are softer to the touch than synthetic hair wigs.

If you want a wig that blends well with your natural hair. Then Remy human hair wig is your best bet. Not only will you look fantastic with Remy human hair, but no one will be able to guess that it’s a hair enhancement and not your natural hair.

In the end, you will have trendy, fashionable hair with the most realistic finish.

7. One-Time Purchase 


Remy human hair is a one-time purchase 

Remy human hair is a one-time purchase 

While Remy human hair wigs are known for being high-priced, many people are unaware that it is a one-time purchase. Unlike synthetic or non-Remy hair, which will only last you a few months, Remy human hair can easily last up to 12 months or more.

When considering the number of times you will need to purchase a hair enhancement and the maintenance costs, Remy human hair wigs are far more practical and a better investment than you realize.

8. Wash and Style As You Please


Washing Remy human wigs 

Washing Remy human wigs 

Unlike synthetic and non-Remy hairpieces, you can wash Remy human hair wigs and extensions just like natural hair without stripping the hair of its natural shine.

Remy human hair allows you to change your look every day.  It can be recolored.

On the other hand. The synthetic wigs cannot be colored or heat styled. And in some cases, washed to change their texture. You have many more style options with more natural-looking Remy human hair!

Golden Rules Of Caring For Remy Human Hair Wig

The 2 golden rules of caring for Remy human hair 

If you decide to invest in a Remy human hair wig, you must give it the attention and care it deserves. 

There are two golden rules to follow to ensure that your Remy human hair wig lives a long and happy life:

1) When combing or brushing your Remy hair, always use a good brush or comb to avoid putting strain on the hair cuticles. Brush the hair regularly to gently tease out any naturally occurring tangles caused by everyday wear.

2) Always use a good quality wig shampoo and wig conditioner designed specifically for wigs in your wig care routine to maintain its silky softness and shine. 


Although Remy human hair wigs are expensive, we believe they are an investment piece and are frequently considered the finest human hair on the market, so they are well worth the price tag if you want to treat yourself to a long-lasting and luxurious wig.

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