Why Cameras are not the Future of Home Security?

Home security cameras no doubt have been a great surveillance system for ages. No doubt they have helped catch millions of thieves around the world and helped trace out criminals. However, modern-day technology and the use of smart systems seem safer and more alert than just a camera.

If you talk about just the home security camera. They are the most affordable option when it comes to surveillance and home security. Some people do ask for more, but others decide to settle here due to its lower cost. The willingness to adopt such technology is easy because it provides you real-time data of what it sees. For some people, this is enough as they get to know what’s happening at their home or property.

Security cameras are devices that record a scene they are directed to. Now some cameras move at a particular angle to give a wide view. They also detect motions and alert the owner in real-time. There are several benefits related to them. However, for several months a home security camera just records data for you and keeps piling that load.

Since we as humans have developed faith and trust over technology. Hence, we get settled with anything that lets us see an unseen picture. However, the fact that these cameras also put our privacy at risk. Still, we are willing to pay for it. Security cameras are hackable and easily dodge-able. In most cases, a burglar or a thieve can easily dodge a camera and intrude on home properties causing destruction.

Such cases have happened many times in most parts of the world. The camera doesn’t catch or record anything as it couldn’t see anything. However, smart systems have proved to be sharper than the regular thieves that intrude your house.

Integrated locks with alarm systems, motion detectors do more than just a security camera. If you are sleeping at night and an intruder breaks into your house. Whether or not they dodge a camera. You may only get to know about it when you go and see the recorded footage. Also if they dodge the camera, you may not be able to see anything even in the footage. However, if hidden motion detectors are installed at your property. They tend to provide more security as they trigger an intruder alarm.

The fact that to ensure a secure home a community should be secured too. Having just a normal camera to record footage isn’t enough. A home intruder alarm system or motion detector can alert the whole community of theft and help catch the intruder right away. This can help save not just one house, but a whole community. Moreover, it makes it easy for the police as well to catch burglars.

Raising an alarm could alert your neighbors and even passers-by about theft or unusual activity. Hence, rather than investing in a security camera. Invest in a modern security system and look for intruder alarm suppliers in your area to get one.

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