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Why Demand for Chemical Engineering is Ever Increasing

Chemical Engineering

What do you think when you hear the word ‘chemicals’? To be frank, the first picture could be the acid sitting in the washroom or the hydrochloric acid in our stomach floating and getting happily ever after feels. Well maybe your imagination is different and you might be thinking of chemistry, an obvious word. Now let’s go beyond chemistry. Now suppose you like chemistry a lot and you want a career in the same, what would you like to do? Chemical Engineering? Let’s discuss it.

What is this course about? 

As the name suggests the course is all about chemistry, physics, mathematics or say something which gets you to wear a white coat, big glasses on your face and a close up picture near microscope. Well, that’s how these ads on Google help one to imagine himself (or herself). Let us talk about the serious definition. Here it is, according to the gathered information from Google, this is a branch of engineering which includes a lot of science like physics, mathematics, biology and sometimes economics. Engineers have to produce, transform, create things in the laboratory. There is a use of nano-technology, nano-materials, living cells, chemicals, microorganisms, sometimes venoms, etc. in common language anything which one will never use in open just like that.

The work of an engineer is not that easy as one can see on Instagram memes. Jokes apart, chemical engineers do a lot of work which includes designing, assessments, analysis, modeling, reaction engineering, nuclear engineering, etc. One has to take admission in B.Tech for studying this chemical field.

Who is the father of Chemical Engineering? 

Like every other course in this world chemical engineering too, has his father. George Edward Davis is known as the father of Chemical Engineering. He started his career as a bookbinder but later on, his interest in chemicals took him towards chemistry. One of his best-known works is the tallest chimney in the UK with a height of more than 200 feet which was a great deal at that time.

Why study this? 

The scope of chemical engineering is never going to die as it creates help in our day to day life and nobody will ever mind if anything is going to decrease the manual work. Secondly, it gives a huge scope in specialized fields. This field helps in improving the quality of living and hence chemical engineers are helping hands to end problems like starvation, any disease outbreak, etc, which can change the world around everyone. On a serious note, it is a great tool in farming, biomedicals, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food processing, pulp, and paper industry, etc. It is everywhere from small scale industry to large scale manufacturers.

And if after reading this you have lost interest in chemistry and this kind of particular engineering,  you are welcomed in the world of writers. Be one and have fun.

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