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Why Do You Need a Proper Diagnosis Before Treating Vaginitis at Home?

Vaginitis is a very common women’s sexual health issue in women. Millions of women experience pain in their vagina carried with inflammation of the vagina per year. As a matter of fact, it has been seen that almost 75% of women experience this condition at least once in their lives.

Vaginitis is a women’s sexual health issue in which you can feel symptoms like pain during sex, burning, soreness, irritation, in your vagina and abnormal vaginal discharge in terms of color or smell, etc. Most of the time, vaginitis is caused by infections due to yeast and bacteria. Usually, women are not able to tell the difference between the two so they cannot identify their condition at home.

Many women are seen to treat such conditions at home, instead of seeking proper medical diagnosis and guidance. They neither even know the actual condition of their ailment nor the sources that caused it, but they try to deal with the symptoms themselves.

The most commonly occurring reason for the vaginal infection is Bacterial vaginosis (BV). It is caused by a change in the environment of the vagina. Healthy bacteria are present in a healthy vagina. When the unhealthy bacteria take over the healthy bacteria, it induces the condition known as vaginitis.

Bacterial vaginosis

It’s usually identified by the determination of an increase in the vaginal pH. The change in pH value indicates the condition and it is not the cause of it. This is the reason why no home remedies to control the pH level are suggested by the doctors. Women suffering from BV are at a greater risk to get other infections like UTI, HIV, etc.

Yeast infections are caused when yeast is found in the walls of the vagina and surroundings. In this condition, you might experience itching, burning, and swelling, but not in every case. If the patients suffer this condition once and not repeatedly, it may go away on its own. Otherwise, it can be treated through medications. But the recurrent ones require medical attention.

Scientifically, there is no medication that can be used to prevent yeast infections. Such infections might need steroids to treat the inflammation and long-term ailment. But all of this requires medical guidance. The women’s sexual health issues need to be closely monitored so that the quality of life can be improved. If you’re experiencing repeated episodes, you need to seek proper guidance so that your problem is correctly diagnosed and treated.

There are many other sexual health conditions that you can develop at some point in your life. Women’s sexual health after menopause usually worsens. You can find women’s sexual health supplements at the harbor compounding pharmacy. You can also visit harbor compounding pharmacy online.

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