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Why Does Natural Deodorant Really Work?

Finding it hard to switch to natural deodorants and quit your regular antiperspirant??

No doubt, the transition from regular antiperspirant deodorants to natural deodorants can be pretty overwhelming. Particularly for those who have been using a regular one for a long time – thoughts like would natural deodorant work for me, will natural deodorant cause me any skin irritations and more would come to the mind, leaving one in complete confusion.

While many people easily switch to a natural deodorant, some switch to them only to turn back to antiperspirants in a few days. Give time to natural deodorants to adjust to your body, make sure you don’t go back to antiperspirants.

Having said that, you don’t have to fret over switching to natural deodorants. They are completely organic, safe and effective. For a smooth transition from traditional deodorants to natural deodorants, read below a natural deodorant guide for beginners.


Natural Deodorants – A Complete Guide! 


What are Natural Deodorants?

Chemistry is omnipresent – everything you touch involves chemicals. So, remember one thing that you are never going to get a chemical-free deodorant.

Generally, natural deodorants contain natural ingredients and do not incorporate any harmful chemicals in their formulation, thus are known as natural deodorants. Natural ingredients use ingredients like natural waxes, coconut oil, other essential oils, corn-starch, arrowroot powder etc., to leave you smelling fresh and control moisture.

Nowadays, people have begun to pick natural products because of the growing inclination towards products whose name of the ingredients are familiar. Thus, it started to gain immense popularity. You can use a natural deodorant every day in place of traditional deodorant.

However, not every natural deodorant available in the market is created uniformly. All the natural deodorants do not use the same ingredients or processes in their composition. Thus, making it essential to check the ingredients list of the natural deodorant you are buying.

Many times, when you turn around the bottle of natural deodorant, you see ingredients that are harmful to the skin and body. Since greenwashing is a common practice in natural products, do not forget to check the ingredients list twice before buying.


Why do You Require Switching to It?

Most natural deodorants do not carry any toxic ingredients that can harm the body, which is not the case with traditional deodorants. Traditional deodorants that you get in every other shop are loaded with harmful chemicals that are dangerous to your skin and body, so they need to be avoided. At the same time, natural deodorants prevent skin irritation, infection and body odour caused due to sweating.

Beyond everything, the most solid reason to switch to natural is that you use an aluminium-free deodorant. Almost every traditional deodorant contains aluminium as its active ingredient. Not many know that aluminium gets consumed in the skin, retains sweat ducts, stain the clothes and is connected with the risk of getting cancer and Alzheimer.


Antiperspirant Vs. Deodorant

Antiperspirant, as the name implies, is against sweating. Most traditional deodorants are antiperspirants that prevent your body from sweating. In antiperspirants, aluminium is the active ingredient that plugs the sweat glands, thus preventing sweat. Simply put, antiperspirants inhibit a natural body function, sweating. Sweating helps detox and get rid of body toxins, so it does not make sense to stop a typical role of the body.

On the contrary, natural deodorants never stop you from sweating since they are aluminium-free. Not every deodorant can be labelled as an antiperspirant – only the ones with an aluminium can. Natural deodorants do not stop sweat, and they only work to combat body odour and keep you smelling and feeling fresh. Although many deodorants use other ingredients like clays, starches, and baking soda to keep the underarms area dry by soaking the bacteria.

In essence, even if you sweat after wearing it, you will not smell. The more you use it, the more your body will adjust to it.


How to Prepare Yourself When Choosing Natural Deodorants?


Stay available when switching to natural deodorant. 

So, if you are expecting to attend a big event in a week or so, avoid switching to natural deodorants, or you will end up turning back to the antiperspirant because of excessive sweating. The best time to shift to a natural deodorant is when you have no big plans coming up in the coming 1 or 2 weeks.


You will go through a detox.

When you stop using antiperspirants, you will feel a rise in the growth of odour-causing bacteria in your armpit area and feel extra moisture because of sweating. This is how the body flushes out toxins. Flushing out toxins is not possible while using aluminium-based deodorants.

Choose Deotize – The Best Natural Deodorant!

You will find innumerable natural deodorants out there based on fragrance, ingredients and benefits. However, you need to be careful in picking one. If you have sensitive skin, don’t go for natural deodorants that contain baking soda to avoid skin irritation and redness. You should try RxSAFE Deotize, no aluminium & baking soda based natural deodorant that keeps you fresh all day long, fights odour and kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria.


Clean underarms properly

It does not work well on wet underarms. So, after taking a shower, dry your armpits properly and wipe them with a soft towel. As natural deodorants are oil-based, when you apply it on wet underarms, it won’t make a difference since water and oil never blend.


Pick another one if the current natural deodorant does not suit you. 

Natural deodorants that include baking soda may give you rashes, redness or dryness, so if you get any skin issue after applying it, turn to baking soda-free natural deodorant. Refrain from using natural deodorant that gives you rashes or irritates your skin because damaged skin is more vulnerable to infections.


Here’s All You Need to Know About It:


Natural Deodorant will Need Some Time. 

You need to give a natural deodorant a minimum time of 2 weeks. A body takes some time to adapt to a natural product, so hold on even if you sweat more or have odour issues. The antiperspirant you were using had been blocking your pores with aluminium for years. So your sweat glands will need time to adapt and come back to balance.


Sweating is Completely Okay

Sweating protects the body from illnesses by getting rid of the toxins. It is by no means a bad thing. You don’t have to get startled if you sweat much after using a natural deodorant. Since the body is transitioning to something natural from toxic, it will take its time and sweat for a few days.


Even If It’s a Natural Deodorant, Double-Check Ingredients 

Natural deodorants are the safest and most reliable products. However, if you are someone having sensitive skin, then do double-check the ingredients list. Many natural deodorants include baking soda, which is best to fight odour but does not go well with sensitive skin. Besides that, fragrance in natural deodorants may come from ingredients that disrupt hormonal balance, so ensure using a natural deodorant made using essential oils.


Natural Deodorants Do Not Stain Clothes. 

Aluminium stains clothes, and as natural deodorants are aluminium-free, they never stain clothes. In most cases, staining occurs due to over-spraying. So, make sure you go for only 2-3 swipes and spray the deodorant from a distance of 4-6 inches. Many people believe it’s sweat that stains clothes, but no, ingredients like aluminium do that.


Natural Deodorants Will Cover the Smell, Not the Sweat! 

Do not expect your natural deodorant to prevent or stop sweating. Natural deodorants work very differently compared to traditional deodorants. As stated earlier, while switching to it, your armpits may take time and may sweat a little extra. But they will work excellently to combat odour and make you smell fresh when there is humidity.

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