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Why Indian Engineering graduates are not fit for jobs?

Job less Graduates

India is a top producer of engineers and doctors. India nearly has more than 40000 engineering colleges which clearly indicate the statistics of how many engineers are produced per year. Despite of such brilliant numbers, India is witnessing dried up job opportunities. Not all freshers who get their engineering degree land a job immediately after the completion of their course. After graduation from these poor quality engineering colleges students have to enroll in others courses like B.Tech training in Lucknow where they earn IT and core practical knowledge and make themselves fit for Industrial Jobs.

According to a survey, 94% of engineering graduates are not fit for jobs. The major reason behind such a setback is presence of poor quality of engineering colleges in India. Students from these colleges fail to grab a job. Thus, they stay unemployed for a long frame of time. Freshers face struggle to pit themselves in an employed state as there is cut throat competition and the number of applicants applying for the job are large. So the company neglects freshers and give preference to experienced candidates only. So only handful of candidates get the golden opportunity to land a job.

The another reason behind such high rate of unemployment rate is not possessing the right skills needed to fit for the criteria of being an engineer. Study reveals all over India only 4-5% of Indians have the technical skills of coding. Coding is the backbone of any software engineering graduate. Lack of skills makes it hard to survive or even entire into this field.

As compared to the US industry, India lags behind when compared with the technical skills. People and technology in US are much more advanced. To reach the necessary benchmark, the Indian Industry needs more enlightenment about Machine learning, Data science and artificial intelligence. These are the courses which have wider scope.

The students in India are suffering due to lack of proper training. A good training is crucial to prepare a student for the forthcoming challenges they have to face in an office environment. There are oodles of training centers in India providing opportunities and adequate preparation for freshers. It has become extremely important for a fresher to get enrolled in a training institute. As practical knowledge clears a student’s concepts and make them more confident, fit for the jobs. If a person has gone through a proper training, cracking interview won’t be a tough but to crack for them.  We need to understand more that students need more exposure of industries. A little learning is a dangerous thing. This is the main factor that is amiss in the engineering field.

Need of the hour is to upgrade your skills and a trained faculty. From a teacher’s end students don’t get proper support and enlightenment. Lack of preparation results in lack of success. As a result of that students lose focus and heart. An update in the academic profiles of the students, professional training classes in colleges play a significant role in shaping a student’s career. Only five percent of recruiters pay heed to a fresher because of lack of skills a newcomer has.

In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh which is a land of many renowned colleges and students in vast number are getting admission in engineering colleges. It has become necessary to take your career seriously if you want a strong career foothold. Engineering, needless to mention is the most demanding and lucrative career options one can have if you have talent and right guidance. There are many centers offers B.Tech training in Lucknow which support students and make them eligible for the upcoming challenges they have to face in their career.

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