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Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Brands?

In this digital world, when people are bombarded with information from countless sources daily, it’s essential that your brand stands out and gets noticed by consumers. You can accomplish this with marketing professionals specializing in digital marketing tactics like email marketing, social media management, Google AdWords advertising, and more to give your brand the push it needs to grow in today’s competitive environment. 

According to the eMarketer survey, global digital ad spends will reach $389 billion by the end of 2021. While worldwide digital ad spending gained a modest 2.4% increase in 2020, it can shoot up to 17% in 2021.

Digital ad spending

So, you can see the incredible power and influence of digital marketing in businesses today. Here, I have listed the top reasons you should hire digital marketing experts to help get your business where it needs to be in 2021 and beyond.

Know the Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency:

1) Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness

As a company grows, it becomes more essential to develop a brand identity that separates you from your competitors and makes you stand out from other brands in your industry. 

There are many ways to build brand awareness: Advertising, public relations campaigns, networking events, or word of mouth, for example. However, if you want to build brand awareness organically (without spending thousands of dollars), hire digital marketing experts to create a presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These experts will help you set up pages and monitor activity on them regularly so people can find out about your products or services in just a few clicks.

2) Engage Customers

Engage Customers

As a startup, you’re trying to minimize costs while maximizing profits. You may feel tempted to cut corners in marketing. Still, when you hire SEO experts or a team of digital marketing professionals, you can save your company significant money in the long run.

Digital Marketing Percentage

According to Forrester Research, companies with an in-house marketing team spend about 15 percent more on total marketing than those that outsource their efforts. And even if you don’t have your in-house staff, you should still consider hiring digital marketing experts who specialize in working with startups and small businesses.

3) Increase Sales

Increase Sales

There’s no doubt that digital marketing tactics and tools help to increase brand awareness, but increased awareness doesn’t always translate into direct sales. When you hire online marketing professionals, they can suggest many ways to grow your customer base using paid advertising channels like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. They will also recommend many different organic tactics like optimizing your content and getting it in front of more users through sharing on social media.

Many marketers specialize in one or more forms of online marketing. Working with an expert will get professional advice on making each tactic work harder for your business.

4). Focus On Running Your Business

Focus on running your business

Once you’ve done your research, created a plan, and made connections with business owners and customers, it’s time to start running your business. It may seem like a simple task but being a successful entrepreneur takes hard work. No matter what industry you are in, you will need to create relationships with clients and keep those lines of communication open.

An excellent way to make sure that happens is by focusing on specific customer needs, such as increasing their sales. It will help your brand in standing out from competitors because you’ll be able to offer them quality products they can use in their everyday lives.

5). Work with Experts

Hiring a professional digital marketing agency is not cheap. It takes time and resources to develop and maintain a good reputation in your industry. But when you hire SEO experts, you can rely on them to have your back. 

They know local (and often national) trends that can give you insight into what’s working for your competitors and what opportunities you might be missing out on. With their experience, they can help develop better digital marketing strategies and train, mentor, coach, or show your in-house team how to execute these tactics themselves.

6). Stay Relevant to Your Industry

It’s your job to make sure that you stay relevant to your industry. It’s just like in any other field of work. You wouldn’t expect a law firm to have an expert in commercial real estate. Because if they aren’t up on the latest trends and changes, it could cause them to lose potential clients because of ancient knowledge and skill sets.

So why would you allow yourself to go stale with regards to your digital marketing expertise? By keeping current, you’ll always be at least one step ahead of others in your industry. You will likely gain valuable industry insight from reading up on what others are doing wrong and how you can better help those businesses out.

7). You Can Get New Ideas

Get New Ideas

One of digital marketing’s greatest strengths is its scalability. Since it involves analyzing, measuring, and deploying solutions across a wide range of digital channels, we can use it to grow business for large and small companies alike. 

It’s also effortless to set up; most services don’t require any coding knowledge or time-consuming downloads before you get started. All you need is your website and a few hours each week to start reaping digital marketing benefits from day one.

8). It’s a Scalable Service

It's a scalable service

As your business grows, digital marketing should evolve with it. As such, you need a partner that’s willing to grow and change with you. A smaller agency might not have as much bandwidth to adapt its offerings as a more prominent firm does. They may want your business but only on their terms.

A capable marketing company should offer all of its services no matter what your company size is at any given time. When businesses are growing or downsizing, digital marketing needs can vary greatly, and agencies need to accommodate those changes effectively.

9). They Offer Measurable Results

Measurable Results

Digital marketing generates quantifiable data that help measure performance. While there is always room for error, digital marketing allows marketers to know exactly how well an ad campaign performs, what keywords are most successful and which demographics prefer a brand’s product or service. 

Most importantly, digital marketing provides instant feedback on what does and doesn’t work. With all due respect to grandma — your customer base counts on you to measure what works and apply those lessons immediately as you scale your business.

10). You Get Professionalism for Your Native Ads

Native Ads

Native advertising is all about giving consumers what they want, and people these days crave high-quality content. With digital marketing professionals on your side, you can expect a full suite of customized ads that offer just that: valuable content. Potential consumers will click your ad (which takes them to your site) because it presents exciting information.  It becomes more likely that they’ll return to your site when they’re ready to make a purchase. 

If you want success with native advertising, seek out top-level influencers for help promoting your company’s name. People trust expert opinions (and data). They won’t take marketing claims lightly, so include quotes from industry authorities who say positive things about you and your company’s quality products or services.

11). They Have the Tools

They Have the Tools

A top digital marketing agency has access to countless tools that allow them to do everything from pay-per-click advertising to inbound marketing and social media management. As a startup, you don’t have these resources or know-how on your own.

A capable marketing company should offer all of its services no matter what your company size is at any given time. When businesses are growing or downsizing, digital marketing needs can vary greatly, and agencies need to accommodate those changes effectively.

12). You Cut Down the Overall Costs.

Cutting Expenses

Unlike more conventional forms of marketing, digital marketing is relatively inexpensive compared to radio, TV, and print advertising. Many people spend thousands of dollars on television commercials and print ads only to realize that they have gotten a petite bang for their buck. Online, however, you can spread your message quickly at a meagre cost.

Also, you can often reach an international audience at little or no cost. Some digital marketing campaigns only require a couple of hundred dollars to get started. It allows companies with small budgets to do something significant with little initial risk.


Even though marketing in 2021 is far different from a decade ago, we can still learn many things from our predecessors. As you begin to plan out your digital marketing efforts, take some time to reflect on what’s worked and hasn’t worked for businesses before you. Remember that word-of-mouth recommendations and promotional partnerships go a long way in building trust with consumers. 

A well-thought-out social media strategy and a clear understanding of your target customer will help ensure that your campaign attracts attention instead of generating noise (as we all know, no one likes marketing noise). While these points may not apply to every business or industry, they’re worth considering when developing your business plan for the upcoming days.

Good Luck!

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