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Why is procrastination bad for bloggers

why is procrastination bad
why is procrastination bad

The day you set out to become a good blogger. You will discover that procrastination is your worst enemy as a writer. You cannot become a good writer when you procrastinate a lot. Because indulging in the game of procrastination as a writer will make you find it hard to begin or accomplish anything. That is why procrastination is bad for all bloggers.

That’s why you must learn to separate yourself from procrastination. If you want to become a great blog content writer. Although this is a tough issue for most writers, but it is very easy to breakout from. If you follow some good procedure on how to stop procrastinating as a writer.

Moreover you should know that procrastination makes you lazy around doing nothing rather than thinking.

Yes, thinking as a writer is good, but you have to accompany your thoughts with actions to make it a meaningful one.

If you don’t accompany your thoughts with actions. Then, you will go nowhere with those thoughts. And this is what procrastination makes you look like when you give it a chance to ruined your writing life.

Yep! This is why procrastinating as a writer sucks so badly.

1. Procrastination limit your writing progress

For you to progress with your writing. You need to take more actions than thinking in excess. One thing procrastination does to every writer that falls victim of it prey is that.

It makes you feel you can’t make anything creative out of your writing. When you concede to this notion. Automatically your writing progress gets limited.

Get this up into your head. You can’t write anything meaningful when you don’t begin some where. And this is not good for you as a writer. You need to be active writing and analyzing your ideas for it suitability. Instead of thinking over and over without taking any reasonable action to make a difference.

When you are entangled with the problem of procrastinating as a blogger. You will find it very hard to make progress in your writing. which will literally make you a poor writer in reality. Which is the least thing you want as a writer.

2. It makes your writing skill poor

Yes! You should be sick about procrastinating now. There is no way you can get better with your writing. When you don’t practice consistently. Once procrastination set into your writing life. You will find it very difficult to improve your writing skills.

Because it is only when you practice that you will get better with your writing. One thing that makes procrastinating very bad for you as a writer is that it makes you feel bad about your writing.

Even when your ideas isn’t bad. This happens to many writers who are developing there writing skills. When you find it difficult to pick interest in your writing. Then you will not be able to improve your writing techniques. Which will result into a more complex problem for you.

3. Procrastination limit your writing success

When your writing technique is poor. The rate of your writing success will be low. If you want to achieve more success with your writing. You must learn to make your online teaching environment more friendly to your blog audiences. And you can’t achieve this by procrastinating. You need to be focus in your writing to get this done rightly.

Moreover, you should know that every passing second of your writing life is filled with great opinion and ideas. It might not be the kind of idea you want know. But if you analyze those ideas carefully you will find out that there is something unique of it.

And this one of the things procrastination deprive you of. Procrastination makes you feel nothing good can be derived from your ideas. Don’t yield in to this, resist it and move on with your writing. Do not give procrastination a chance to limit your writing success rate.

4. It makes you feel inferior to other writers

No matter what you feel. There is always a chance that you are better than someone in one way or the other. Even though you are not getting many views on your blog article. It doesn’t mean you are not unique. Every passionate blogger has a unique voice of there own.

The worst thing procrastination does to you as a writer. Is to make you feel you are inferior to other writers. That’s not true, you need to know no matter how poor you might think your writing is.

There will always be a group of audiences who will align well with your ideas than with others ideas. Procrastination can make you to lose confidence in yourself as a writer. Even make you to feel like hiding your identity from people. In other not to get mocked for your poor performance.

5. Procrastination Kills your great opinions

You might not notice this very issue. But the truth remains the reality. Procrastination can bury your great opinion under the shell of fears and desire for perfection without actions. When you do not take actions after every valuable thinking. Those great ideas can fade away without your notice.

It might not be a problem to you know. But when you sit down to analyze your success rate you will know that procrastination is really damaging your real you. and this is very bad for you as a writer.

Even as a blogger you need to take multiple actions to build your blog popularity and also get to achieve your blogging goals. If you fail to take valuable actions after thinking. You are doing yourself more harm than good.

There is no way you can improve your blog growth without taking series of good actions in a chained order.

Yes, you need to think about what you want to do and what your aims are but don’t do the overthinking too much rather you should do the thinking and actions alongside each other to get the required goals.

In brief, procrastination is very bad for your writing life as a blogger. If you want to succeed you must learn to eliminate procrastination at all cost. Don’t be a freak to your fears. It won’t help you. Fear has never help any writer become better and it can’t help you.

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