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Why Legalization is Improving Solventless Concentrate Products

Although many people know what Marijuana is, see it used freely in the media and even by celebrities, it’s important to know that marijuana products are still widely considered illegal federally. They are considered a class I controlled substance, and in the near future, there will hopefully be changes to the status of Marijuana in the United States. Unfortunately, for now, it seems as if only select states such as California are standing behind in support of the legalization of Marijuana.

For these states, safer marijuana use is now on the rise, as is technology to help create superior and safe products. For instance, Los Angeles solventless concentrates are extremely pure and high in THC, and are a far cry from the traditional solvent concentrates that first emerged in 2011.

Why Legalization Plays a Role in Safety

Nowadays, solventless products use technology and natural means such as heat, pressure, ice, and water to create their concentrates. Without the decriminalization of Marijuana, many shops wouldn’t be able to invest in this technology, and there could still be widespread use of dangerous extracts with solvents such as butane, propane, and ethanol left behind.

Improving Technology

Fortunately, even solvent concentrates can now be considered “solvent-free” thanks to extraction methods that leave nothing but high-quality concentrate behind. As more states begin to legalize Marijuana, more and more entrepreneurs can have the chance to improve their Marijuana products for quality and safety purposes.

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