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Why Should the Nike Air Max TN Be  Your Next Everyday Shoe?

The shoes you wear can make or break your day. Though shoes are made for comfort and protection, you would also want to look good. If you are inclined toward the famous Nike TN, here are the reasons why you might be making the right choice.

The parent line:

The Nike Air Max Plus Tuned, also known as Nike TN or Air Max TN, is released under the Nike Air Max product line. Since 1987, the Nike Air Max has been a popular running shoe.  These shoes are well known for their flexible midsole pouches containing pressurised gas.

Nike Air Max line is admired for the sporty yet stylish look they bring to their users. With different versions released incorporating advanced technology, they continued to be a reliable option among users of different genders and ages, regardless if you are an athlete or office worker.

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The unique design:

The Air Max TN has been on the market since 1998. It has a unique and catchy design that attracted curiosity when its first pair was released. Generally, as designed by Sean McDowell, these shoes feature waves inspired by palm trees with an arc shank derived from a whale tail.

Air Max TN retained the classic air pouch design, having seven of them in the midsoles. However, the bubble pouches are not simply for aesthetics; they are integrated to relieve pressure from the heels and cushion the forefoot. The bubbles are also designed to be elastic to absorb more impact.

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Not just for running:

Though designed as athletic shoes for running, the Air Max TN became popular with their impressive performance even if worn daily. Running from one errand to another, you would hardly feel any pain in your heels.

Over time, it became a lifestyle shoe for its lightweight design, easily worn even by young adults. In addition, its promising comfort while offering stability has impressed many, resulting in it being a standard pair on the streets.

The colour variations:

First released with gradient colour, Air Max TN still surprises consumers with the variations it has kept on releasing over the years. Inspired by unique and eye-catching colourways, the most popular hits were The Lave, The Orange Tiger, Hyper Blue, Triple Black, Triple White, and Yellow Quad.

Air Max TN shoes have become more trendy because of their authentic and classic connotation. As a result, the shoe line had some collaboration, and the pressure is on as many await the next unique designs for the Air Max TN.

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The popularity:

Since its release, it has gained the curiosity of many shoe enthusiasts, especially in Europe and Australia. Many celebrities wore these palm pairs, which only increased their popularity.

For being one of Nike’s most expensive pairs of runners for over a decade, the Air Max TN became a statement of success and resulted in an undeniable demand worldwide. As of today, they remain as favourite standard streetwear.

So, is it for you?

If you are looking for quality, functionality, and versatility in one pair of shoes, the Nike Air Max TN is an absolute answer. Air Max TN already has an undeniable success. It will forever impact the sneaker community and continue its movement towards dynamic aesthetics and performance.

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