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Why should you use ”Applicant tracking system” software? 

Recruiting software and applicant tracking systems, in general, have become increasingly popular due to no accident. These services relieve hiring teams of a tremendous amount of burden and allow them to spend more time connecting with candidates and making hiring decisions. Specifically, the applicant tracking system offers the following benefits:

  • Hiring becomes more productive and efficient
  • Through improved communication and scheduling, candidates have a better experience
  • All applications can be managed in a central location while accessing multiple job boards
  • Attracting the best candidates with an improved employer brand
  • HR analytics is a useful tool for analyzing hiring metrics (e.g., compensation reports)
  • Recruiting laws easier to comply with

Would you like a company-wide ATS? See how Workable can transform your hiring process by requesting a free trial.  What does the applicant tracking system mean to you? Find more HR definitions in the HR Terms library.

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) enables employers to electronically handle recruitment and hiring processes. You can implement or connect online to an ATS at both enterprise and small business levels, depending on your requirements. Free and open-source ATS software is available as well. An ATS is a system designed for recruitment software and is very similar to a customer relationship management system (CRM). Some companies have an automated application screening process that filters applications based on keywords, skills, former employers, experience, and schooling. Thus, many resume writers have adapted resume optimization techniques similar to those used in search engine optimizations when they create and format their resumes.

Why do employers use applicant tracking systems?

 Employers can save time and money with applicant tracking systems. Employers are not at risk of accidentally deleting emails containing the resume of job candidates they want to hire or misplacing files with applicant tracking systems. Additionally, an ATS makes monitoring the hiring process and communicating directly with applicants easy for employers. Large corporations were the first to use applicant tracking. They used to use only by large organizations, but now smaller businesses use them just as often. Just as it makes sense for companies to use software to organize information on prospective employees in the same way they use software to store information on their customers.

How do applicant tracking systems work?

Sometimes, applicant tracking systems actively recruit candidates through social media, as well as processing resumes submitted by applicants. A resume is entered into the system and stored in the ATS database after it has been submitted. Once the keywords are found for the job opening, recruiters will search for them. An ATS will rank you higher in the search results if your resume includes keywords the employer wants. Employers search for keywords that are specific to the specific job openings. ATS can even search the entirety of the company’s resume database to find candidates matching a specific qualification. In other words, even if you submitted your resume long ago and never heard back from the company, it might have been kept in the company’s database, and the ATS might identify you as a qualified candidate for an entirely different position much later on.

Qualitatively and quantitatively increasing candidate numbers

With the implementation of an ATS and CRM, you can cultivate a much larger group of candidates, allowing you to not only find more candidates but also improve your chances of finding better candidates who match your desired skill set. This will help you in shortlisting those candidates that As a result, you will be able to identify those candidates who will be more focused and engaged in the company’s goals and objectives, resulting in an overall improvement in your company’s retention rates.

When it comes to hiring, there are many rules and regulations. By posting job openings online, analyzing every application, and only moving forward with candidates that meet the basic requirements, an applicant tracking system has the potential to help organizations reduce compliance risks. ATS also provides recruiting, evaluation, and reporting data on protected groups in order to be in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Federal Contract Compliance Program regulations.

Options for Advanced Search

Finding candidates in your own applicant tracking system should be as fast, relevant, and as comprehensive as possible, whether they are for a specific job or general sourcing. Recruiters need the ability to search by many different criteria including statuses, types, resume skills, skill profiling, location (including radius and zip code), availability, salary, and custom fields that may be applicable to their firm. It must be possible to view, sort, save, and share generated results, as well as display them in various formats such as standard lists or as a geographical map showing the position of each candidate in relation to the job or client.

Integration of CRM and Sales

CRMs help you build and manage your entire sales pipeline, generate and qualify better leads, and manage your client relationships. Integrating an ATS and CRM not only keeps track of all actions from records like calls, meetings, tasks, and statuses but also links them all together, so you know what candidates have been associated with which jobs and clients. There should be a link between every module and piece of information as well as the ability to access and visualize it.

Skills parsing and screening

Applications must be scanned and individually parsed for the requisite skill set by the Application Tracking System. RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking system provides the results in percentage match-making so that your recruitment team can quantify their recruitment decisions and justify them based on data.

Your ATS should also enable your team to search for information within the database in a unified way. Mobility adds an accessibility component to an ATS & CRM. Thus, enabling recruiters to screen out applicants.

With ATS, you can grow your business in the future

Small businesses can make a huge impact on their future by choosing the right recruiting software today. Employing an applicant tracking system when a small business grows and adds to its workforce at different locations eases the recruiters’ workload since they are already utilizing technology to automate their jobs. As hiring requirements increase, the value of having a strong employer brand becomes apparent. All companies want to hire employees who meet their core business values. It is therefore imperative that employers use the customizable, branded career portals, and advanced screening capabilities of an applicant tracking system.

Defining new recruiting processes and operations

If you want to buy recruitment software that maximizes your ROI, you must first understand your business. You have It is essential to design your recruitment processes and operations in a way that matches your organizational and system requirements cannot accomplish this, you will not be able to reap the maximum benefits from your recruiting solution. Furthermore, this will result in significant problems in maximizing your mum’s return on investment from your recruiting solution.


In order to ensure that old data migrate properly to the new system, you need to take every necessary precaution. Additionally, make sure it is free of redundancies and discrepancies. Consequently, the new analytics system can provide you with crucial insights when it comes to understanding your recruiting needs. If you are unable to do this, you will have a very difficult time maximizing your return on investment.


Your staff should receive all the training modules provided with the new system. By doing so, the transition will go as smoothly as possible. In addition, increasing your chances of maximizing your return on investment.


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