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Why Your Business Should Have Google My Business


Google has numerous opportunities and tools available for free that targets to establish an online presence of businesses. It is part of their efforts to encourage the use of digital means in doing business. One of the free opportunity that goggle offers is the creation of a business profile in the Google business listing. Many companies opt to start a business profile to have their presence online and also win customers’ confidence in their business.

Another critical Google opportunity for businesses is Google my business tool. This is instead a tool that goes beyond what a goggle business profile can offer. The difference between a goggle business profile and a Google my business is that Google my business gives you ownership rights and opportunity to manage information in your business profile. A business profile offers a limited capacity of the information that can be added there with open access to anybody who can also add on that information and create reviews. However, when you link your business profile with Google my business, you can gain management of the account with you being the only person who can add the most information.

Goggle my business has a lot of benefits and the reasons as to why every business should have it. Among them are as discussed below.

  • Adds content to your business profile.

Google my business allows you to add more information to your business profile. Besides the location, direction, and the limited capacity with a business profile, Google my business creates more details to the business. More information means better marketing content and increased chances for conversion.

  • It raises engagement with customers.

Like most of the other social media marketing tools, Google my business has several ways through which customers are engaged and maintained. You can read and respond to questions posted about your business, you can comment on reviews, you can do direct messaging among others. Engagement with visitors has been found to increase the return of investment to a higher rate.

  • Help assess your business performance.

Google my business will track your audience and the lead pathways to your business profile. This data is essential in gaining knowledge on the local searches performance of your business profile. The analytical section provides graphs and displays to show the breakdown of the activity of your audience in the business profile or website.

  • Create local Search Optimisation

As Google uses websites content to rate and list sites according to the richness of the SEO words, the same also happens with Google my business. You can optimise your content in your business profile which can result in a higher listing of the Google at the local searches.

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