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Wireless extenders and what they do

Wireless extenders

Wireless extenders

Wireless extenders are devices that can relay the network being broadcasted by your router. As a result, they are able to extend the network to an area that is not accessible to your wireless router. They can boost your networks in places where your wireless router fails. These places wherein your wireless router fails to broadcast network are called Wi-Fi dead spots. They can be very annoying especially when you have a good and comfortable spot in the dead zone. A place where you can relax or even work in peace. To nullify these things, extenders are used. The extenders are required to be setup before they can be used. The setup procedure simply makes them identify the network that is needed to be extended and connected to it. The ap.setup is a good example of a setup page.

Wireless Extender market

The wireless extenders market has a lot of competition and one can find a whole lot of variety on the scene. The extenders can be found in a broad range of designs and features. The best ones can be found by looking at the capacity of range extension and their sturdy build and design. Apart from being able to extend the range, one would want them to be a good addition to the background and therefore, the design does matter in terms of sales. Also, links like the http://ap.setup admin panel make it really easy to setup the wireless extenders and use them in the required way.

Setup mechanisms

Another thing that matters is the setup mechanism. It should not be very complex. The optimal setup procedure should be simple enough to be understood by a first time user without any hassle. The offline setup link http://ap.setup is a good way of setting up your extender. You will need to connect your extender to your personal computer with a wired or wireless connection. The wired connection being with the Ethernet cable and the wireless through Wi-Fi.

After that just one up to your browser and type the link mentioned above or the IP into the address bar and you will get redirected to the setup website. From this point, you can easily follow the procedure and shown by the website UI and connect your extender to your router. After completion of this task, you can go ahead and plant the extender into any socket you desire within the range of the router. This will then let the extender do its job and extend the WiFi range.

Resetting your extender and firmware updates

Sometimes you may feel the need to reset your wireless extenders back to its factory settings. This may be due to a simple problem that needs to be fixed or some other reason. You can easily reset your extender back to its factory settings by simply pressing the reset button or going over to the http://ap.setup link and then using the reset button there to reset your extender to its factory settings remotely.

This link can also come in handy when you think you need to install the firmware updates for you extender. Just scoot into the link and find out the option to check for firmware updates. If any are available then it will instantly show it to you. From there you can easily download and install them right then and there. Firmware updates are important for the smooth running of your extender and if not installed regularly then this may take a toll on your extender performance. Be on the loom out for the updates and install them as soon as they are released

How useful are Wireless extenders?

Wireless router extenders or repeaters are in many ways quite useful. They can easily remove Wi-Fi dead spots and increase the range. These devices can also intensify the strength of the internet signal from your router in a particular place. They are quite the solution for a bad range from your router. You can easily set them up and plug them in anywhere and maintaining them is probably never going to be needed. Apart from updating their firmware, of course. They are very reliable devices and I would personally recommend them to all those who have troubles with those Wi-Fi dead spots.

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