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WordPress 10 Plugins to Improve Your SEO


Search engine optimization such as Google is surely one of the issues that most concerns everyone who ventures into creating a website to start their own internet business.

If you have also created your website with WordPress , an additional concern will be to find good SEO plugins that help you optimize your pages as best as possible.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to these worries.

But I will not be the one to solve the WordPress mess for you this time, since I want to be told by a person who works with the topic of web positioning on a daily basis.

I leave you with him. Enjoy everything he is going to teach you about SEO plugins for WordPress !


Borja at the controls:

First of all, I wanted to thank José Antonio for letting me participate in his blog. For me it is a real privilege to be able to write a few lines on a blog that I have followed and appreciated for a long time.

That said, we are going with what interests us and what you are here for. The SEO of your website.

SEO is a fundamental part of promoting your website. Thanks to this marketing technique we can appear in the top positions of Google to get those long-awaited visits that we are looking for for our blog or website.

Therefore, if we neglect an aspect as important as SEO on our site, we will be losing a lot of visits, or what is the same, money.

However, we should not panic yet.

We can still remedy this failure thanks to the plugins that WordPress offers us. With them, we can optimize our site for the main search engines without having to have extensive knowledge about SEO.

All the plugins that I will talk about below have been tested by me and I consider them to be the best on the market.

Yoast SEO

Having this plugin in your WordPress is MANDATORY. Thanks to it, you will be able to configure the main SEO parameters of your website without having to be an expert.

It could be said that thanks to Yoast the democratization of SEO in WordPress was a fact.

This tool will allow you to optimize your site based on some guides that the plugin itself offers you. By following these instructions you will get the best SEO optimization for your website.

There is another plugin with similar characteristics and that is the direct competition of Yoast SEO, the plugin in question is called All In Seo Pack. With it you can also optimize your website although in my opinion, in a more complex way.

My recommendation is the following:

  • For beginners: Yoast SEO.
  • For the more experienced: All In Seo Pack.

Yoast SEO.


Google XML Sitemap

If it is important to optimize your website, more important is to have a quality sitemap. Keep in mind that in it you indicate all the URLs that you want to index …

Both Yoast and All In SEO Pack offer you the possibility of creating your sitemap without having to install another additional plugin. However, a specialized plugin will always be better than a generic one.


Without a doubt, Google XML Sitemap is the best plugin to configure each and every one of the points that every good sitemap must have.

SEO plugins for WordPress: XML sitemaps.


WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Now let’s talk about images. These files generally slow down the loading time of our website significantly.

Therefore, it is important that the images on our website weigh as little as possible without losing quality. This plugin was invented for this.

With it, all the images uploaded to our site will be optimized so that they weigh as little as possible in a fully automatic way.


With the online tool offered by the website we can reduce the size of our images without the need for any plugin.


A point by José Antonio: another plugin that works great for this task (although paid) is Short Pixel Image Optimizer .

SEO plugins for WordPress: Smush it.


BJ Lazy Load

As we have seen, images can slow down the loading of our web site with the consequent loss of readers.

Did you know that a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load loses 40% of its traffic?

With BJ Lazy Load you will get your website to load only the content that the reader is viewing.

This plugin will save us resources and improve the loading speed of our website.

SEO Plugins for WordPress: BJ Lazy Load


WP Rocket

THE BEST CACHE PLUGIN ON THE MARKET. All the experts agree on this despite the existence of other very good ones such as Autoptimize or W3 Total Cache.

I myself used both and no doubt today I stay with WP Rocket even if it is paid (its only downside).

After this experiment, they claimed that WP Rocket was the most effective cache plugin of all, even though none of them were SEO-friendly.

SEO plugins for WordPress: WP Rocket


All in One Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets or rich snippets are those boxes that appear at the top of Google and that serve the user to answer their question as quickly as possible.

For this you will simply have to install this plugin and fill in the required fields for each post. This information will be encrypted for Google by the plugin.

SEO plugins for WordPress: All in one schema rich snippets.


OnePress Social Locker

Are you sure that social networks do not position?

I already tell you, social networks help your WordPress SEO positioning. Therefore, the more likes, retweets and dissemination our content has on social networks, the better for our site.

As if this were not enough, a good performance in the RRSS will not only improve our SEO but will also bring us visits and potential clients to our website.

The operation of this plugin is simple.

In this way we will get our social networks to fill with likes, retweets and followers on automatic pilot.

I advise you to hide the most important information in the post with this plugin. In this way you will attract the reader to the content that really interests them and they will not be able to say no to click on a social action since they need that specific content.

SEO WordPress


KK Star Rating

Have you seen the stars that appear next to the webs in Google?

By installing this simple plugin we will achieve that “effect” that improves our CTR substantially.

It may seem silly, but this technique will improve our web positioning thanks to the high impact that this effect generates on CTR.

In addition, these stars can give the reader the feeling that we are experts in that particular subject and that our post will be of total use to them. At the end of the day it has so many votes and 5 stars …

As an extra trick, I recommend voting for yourselves from different IPs. With this we will achieve a good ratio of stars / votes.

SEO plugins for WordPress


Broken Link Checker

Having broken links on your site is a negative factor at the SEO level.

It is true that this class of errors can be considered as “minor” errors in the eyes of Google. However, if the number of 404 errors is high, it will weigh down the positioning of your website.

As we do not want to neglect anything when optimizing our website, we are going to remedy this small failure with Broken Link Checker.

This tool audits the incoming and outgoing links of our own web page detecting those broken links or 404 pages.

Thanks to Broken Link Checker we will be able to know which links are weighing down our web positioning and to remedy it thanks to …

SEO plugins



If with the previous plugin we have detected broken links or 404 pages on our site, with Redirection we will finish fixing this kind of bugs.

Some of these 404 pages may appear due to the elimination of old posts or their renaming.

To avoid having to review and correct all incoming and outgoing links manually every time we edit the name of a URL, there is this plugin.

To do this we will simply do a redirect. In this way, when someone visits the old URL they will be automatically redirected to the new URL or to the address that we want.



This is all? Have I already optimized the SEO of my website?

With a correct configuration of these plugins, the WordPress  SEO On page of your web page would have a sufficiently optimal configuration to start positioning in Google.

However, it does not end here.

SEO is a whole world and it is based on many more factors, not only on On page SEO.

If you are interested in knowing more about this field, there are many blogs and YouTube channels in which they talk about this branch of marketing. In fact, SEO is more fashionable than ever and new SEO tools appear every day to improve our website.

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