What is braille?

Braille is a touch writing system in the form of symbols composed of slot gacor raised dots to represent numbers, letters and punctuation marks. Braille letters are composed of basic units called braille cells. Each cell consists of six dots arranged in three rows and each row is filled with two dots. The six dots can be arranged to form 64 kinds of combinations. This combination is then arranged into a sentence and read from left to right.

What is the history of braille letters?

Initially, this writing system was used by Captain Charles Barbier, a former French artillery officer, when communicating on the battlefield. In dark conditions, Captain Charles Barbier uses a code in the form of raised lines and dots to give messages and orders to his troops. This message is understood by feeling the combination of lines and dots with the fingertips and then translating it into a sentence. This writing system became known as night writing.

This writing system was later adapted by Louis Braille, a blind person from France who befriended Captain Charles Barbier. Braille was born on January 4, 1809 with good eyesight. However, when he was three years old, Braille had an accident that caused his eye to be pierced by a sharp object, resulting in permanent blindness. However, this condition does not make Braille despair. Inspired by the writing system used by Captain Charles Barbier, Braille developed writing letters with a combination of dots and spaces to help blind people read and write like normal people. This writing system later became known as Braille.

Charles Barbier

Louis Braille

The development of braille

Until now, braille letters have been recognized by the wider community. The use of braille letters has also developed along with the rapid advancement of technology. Today, braille writing systems are adapted to digital form, some of which are braille electronic imaging, braille smartwatches, and braille tablets. The digitization of this writing system helps the blind to read and write more effectively and efficiently and provides opportunities for the blind to take advantage of technological sophistication.

World Braille Day Celebration

The commemoration of World Braille Day began when the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) agreed on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on December 13, 2006. This convention encourages the fulfillment of needs and access for persons with disabilities and ensures that they are equal to other people in the eyes of the law. Then, in November 2018 the UN General Assembly designated Louis Braille’s birthday as World Braille Day and slot88. This celebration aims to commemorate the importance of braille as a form of fulfilling human rights for people with visual impairments.

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