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XIAOMI Mi10T | Best Camera Mobile Phone


The new sensation in the digital market, Xiaomi once again brings you another attractive and fast working smart phone Mi 10T. With its wonderful aspects and attractive features, its selling like hot cakes in the digital market. As by now we all know that Xiaomi is trending in the smart phone arena due to its affordable prices and excellent features and smart designs, just like any other high-end mobile phone manufacturer.

So is Xiaomi MI 10T is worth all the hype?

This time Xiaomi has introduced the new smart phone Mi10T. This one is selling for just Rs. 70,000 in the market, bearing the latest and fastest chipset processor a smart phone could have as of now, called Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with 5G. This latest innovation in the technology, and amongst all chipset processors, snapdragon is providing amazing graphics. Therefore Mi10T, has been designed with cutting edge features, making it a fast, and intelligent cellphone.

Camera Lens specs.

With a 64 MP AI triple camera, makes it the best camera phone in the market as compared to its renowned competitor Huawei model P40 which although has a wider and bigger 6.58 inches’ screen but stays a little behind in the lense department, with rear camera only upto 50 MP.

You can now unleash the true creativity with the power packed 3 camera mobile with Xiaomi’s Mi10T. This model has got ultra-wide rear and front camera, for people who love to take scenic photographs, as it supports auto-focus feature from a very short distance, even at just 2 cm. The leading lense technology will turn every snap of yours in to a masterpiece, making it the best camera mobile phone, and talk of the town.

Powerful battery.

Mi10t outnumbers both Huawei’s P40 and Oneplus8 series, with its high capacity battery power of 5000 mAh, making it an efficient phone which will charge upto 100% in just 59 minutes! Whereas Oneplus 8 and P40 only have battery power ranging upto 4300 mAh and 4200 mAh respectively.

Other attractive features that will make you drool are its X-axis linear vibration motor, dual super linear speakers, 3D recording, and side mounted fingerprint sensor, which is a new thing in itself.

Exciting features you don’t want to miss out on.

All these features make this new mobile model more sophisticated and edgy, and gives it a flagship feel, just like its pro version. Mi10t has got a few more features as compared to the p40 and Oneplus 8, such as the face unlock feature, dual app support, 33w fast charging support, screen mirroring/casting option, and notification light.

You can now enjoy the unparalleled smoothness with the ability to show upto 144 frames per second, making it a seamless transition and gentle for the eyes to reduce stress while scrolling through the wide screen or even gaming. Saying so, you can also adjust the colour temperature for the reading mode.


Being one of the best phones 2020, Xiaomi has worked very well by showcasing the ultimate class and top-finish with its ceramic like glass finish, so that when you hold that phone in your hands, it looks no less that precious gadget with a flagship feel just like the Mi10t 5G Pro model. However, with bigger dimensions when compared with Huawei P40 and Onelplus, Mi10T is thicker and bigger, and also weighs slightly heavier than the other two, i.e. 216 grams. However, don’t fall just for its body, Xiaomi Mi10T speaks truly for its mobile price, as it has got sleek body and shine, due to its gorilla glass screen and glass back with aluminum frame. But looking at Oneplus8, which also happens to have the same bodily characteristics, Huawei’s P40 doesn’t say much as its only supported by a dust proof body.

Bringing forth in two exuberant colours, cosmic black and lunar silver, but if you’re looking for some other shades then p40 offers you 3 more colours other than these. Saying so, with bigger dimensions, mi10t wins it in the screen resolution for a true colour display meanwhile also having eye-protection in its baggage with its 360-degree ambient light sensor making it a user friendly and a comfortable smart phone.

With an internal storage of 128 GB, which is more than enough capacity for any user. And for all the music and melody lovers, Xiaomi’s Mi 10 T and Huawei P40 both are equally good, as they have stereo speakers. But we would still vote for mi10t which takes the cake as it has dual linear speakers to give its user an enjoyable experience.

We would put in all our votes for this new mobile model, given all the must haves a well competent smart phone should offer its user, and when we talk about oneplus 8 series and Huawei’s p40, which both are priced above 6 figure, we would definitely take no time in purchasing Mi10t.




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