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20 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

20 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

1. Shut your blinds at night

The lights are on, but is it dark outside? Keep your blinds shut. You’ll be amazed by the number of burglars (and frankly creeps) who profit from that moment in the night in which they can see right through your house.

2. Automatize the lighting of your porch.

Peepholes aren’t helpful when it’s dark. It is recommended to install automated lights for your porch. This could include everything from motion-based lighting to a set-up that lets you switch your lights on when it gets dark and turn them off at sunrise. CABSY provides smart POE lighting solutions.

3. Brighten up the darkness

The porch lights are only the beginning. The illumination of your yard with motion lights helps deter intruders from getting into your home. Make sure that all possible access points to your home are illuminated.

4. Intruders who trick you with light automation

Light automation is an excellent method to make your home appear more comfortable. Companies such as Iron Guard have their entire home security system around light control that replicates the behavior of your home. Some home automation companies let users design specific schedules or actions such as “turn on the lights when motion is observed” and “turn off lights when not home.”

5. Intruders are tricked by loud noise

Burglars typically search for vacant houses. If they hear the sound of your home, you can be sure they’ll follow it. There are a variety of inexpensive devices available on Amazon that can mimic the light of a TV. You can even play videos of people speaking with intelligent speakers such as Sonos and Echo.

6. Invest in a smart doorbell

Smart doorbells function like the eyes and ears of your home. If someone rings your doorbell, you can use the system to see that they are at your door. Certain products also have two-way communication. This is particularly helpful when you’re in your home but wish to appear as if you are.

7. Close the garage door.

The garage door can also be an ideal entry point for burglars. To increase the security of your home, ensure that the door is closed when you are mowing your lawn, playing in the yard, or even trying to retrieve a lost item. An open door is an open invitation. If you don’t wish the door to be extended, lock the door shut.

8. Lock the door that links the two doors.

If you own an additional attached garage, you should lock the door that connects your home and garage. Many people do not close this door even though this is an entrance to the house just like every other.

It could sound like a lot of work; however, it doesn’t take the time to lock and unlock your door. You can even install an automatic lock that will open when you come in.

9. Don’t forget garage door openers in the car.

Don’t park your vehicle in the driveway without your garage door opener. Cars can be a target for burglars. Your home security is put at risk when you leave the key to your home inside the car.

10. Change your locks

If you are moving to a new residence, It’s always a good idea to upgrade the locks. This is especially true for renters who must request a replacement lock for their tenants and homeowners.

A keyless lock is a different alternative. Intelligent locks are beneficial for distributing temporary keys to employees and keeping track of the coming and going person. Iron Guard is the best security guard company in the USA.

11. Double-check the exit of workers

If you allow contractors or a cleaner inside your house, check the doors and windows to ensure they’re secured when they leave. The majority of burglars have entered a house as guests. It’s not difficult for workers to leave a window or door open to gain entry to your home later.

Personal security and safety

12. Learn CPR

CPR saves lives. If you don’t practice CPR, it can take about three to four minutes for someone to die due to lack of oxygen. Please, learn to do CPR (also called the Heimlich to give you a good dose).

13. Create a free panic button

IFTTT is a no-cost app that connects different web-based services. It lets users create a “DO button” that makes it an excellent panic button. It is possible to set up this button to dial for help, make a post on social media or do whatever is needed to keep you secure.

14. Don’t let your eyes wander.

Pellets and BB guns are not toys. Be sure to treat them as weapons. Store them in a safe storage area, and monitor their use to minimize the chance of injuries.

The use of a controlled method reduces the chance of injuries.

15. Make sure you have an item

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to have a weapon in the event of a home invasion. You might find it to be the best option. The gun you choose to use doesn’t have to be a firearm, even if you’re uncomfortable using one. It is also possible to purchase stun guns or spray for pepper.

The most crucial aspect of owning a gun is to keep it in a safe place out of reach for young children. The second important aspect is learning to use it through practice every few months.

  1. Be prepared for tornadoes

Preparing for the possibility of disasters could appear a bit paranoid however it’s sensible. Catastrophe can strike in an instant. Begin by creating a tornado-proof room. The room should not have windows and should be equipped with emergency items such as water, food, medications, and even an emergency radio.

17. Include bike helmets in your storm room

If you reside in a region susceptible to tornadoes, Keep bicycle helmets in a safe location to safeguard your craniums.

Intruders are tricked by loud noise

Burglars typically search for vacant houses. If they hear the sound of your home, you can be sure they’ll follow it. There are a variety of inexpensive devices available on Amazon that can mimic the light of a TV. You can even play videos of people speaking with intelligent speakers such as Sonos and Echo.

18. Create free weather alerts

Numerous companies provide free severe weather alerts, which can be delivered directly to your mobile. Many municipalities and counties have emergency services to notify you via text if local emergencies arise. You can sign up for both of these services to be in the know.

19. Participate in your neighborhood and watch

Participate in the watch group for your neighborhood. If there’s no one, create one. You can also start Facebook pages to address security concerns or report suspicious activity.

20. Automate your neighborhood’s surveillance

Through IFTTT, it is possible to automate your home and alert your neighbors whenever there is a problem. It’s great to call the police. However, neighbors are much closer.

What would you do to notify your neighbors? You have SmartThings’ door and window sensors and plan to take a trip. You can create the IF recipe that states, “If the front door opens, you can post it on Facebook.” Then, ta-da!

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