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Voice AI Startups

Top 6 Voice AI Startups that you must know in 2021

It may not be wrong to state that there is a sort of an unattended competition to infuse the products and services (software) with artificial intelligence AI. It is definitely a righteous move to make as it is an era where hardly a technology is expected to go untouched by AI but the point of deliberation is that is it implemented in the right way?

This where the role of an AI development company comes into the picture. They can make or break the advantageous behavior of the new technology you are willing to incorporate in your deliverables.

If you delve into the history of artificial intelligence, the first AI program was presented in 1955 by Herbert Simon and Allen Newell. Surprisingly old, isn’t it? Well, but the technology is so complex that its everyday use has been quite an evolution that has taken many years to complete.


What we know about AI today is its many forms like speech recognition, conversational AI, deep learning, chatbots, natural language processing, etc. It is much closer to the real-world applications that we need. 


In this blog, we explore the area of voice AI startups that deal with AI technology in the area of voice-based searches, voice assistants, smart speakers, automated yet customized responses for customer services, etc.

List of Voice AI Startups that are acing its Business Game

Time and again it has been observed that start-ups are often the organizations where most innovation is found. A comprehensive list of top startup companies who are building quite a reputation in the tech domain through voice tech offerings.

  1. SoundHound Inc. :

This startup works with voice AI and conversational intelligence technologies. They have the following three unique products to their name:

  • Houndify: A voice AI developer platform using which they enable voice and conversational intelligence to be integrated with their clients’ products.

  • SoundHound: It is a mobile app that promises immersive music discovery and has a voice-controlled player.

  • Hound: This is a powerful voice-enabled virtual assistant. 

This is a Santa Clara, California-based startup that is doing great work in the direction of voice AI. Founded in 2005, it works with the goal to convert sound into actionable and understanding meaning.

  1. PullString:

Founded in 2011, PullString hit the news when it was acquired by the tech-giant Apple. PullString is responsible for helping companies to publish voice apps. Amazon Alexa and Google Home Actions include a few developments.


This startup is supported by bright minds that are former executives from Pixar. Their cloud-based software is used by some renowned companies that provide conversational experiences for their customers. The list includes Mattel (for talking Barbie doll called Hello Barbie), Samsung, Activision, etc. 


The startup is based in San Francisco, California.

  1. Descript:

Descript was founded in 2017. Its services include the creation of tools for media creators that makes their lives easier work-wise allowing them to focus on the more important job of nurturing their craft.


They started with native Mac app creation. In 2019 with continual efforts, they launched a Podcast editing suite. This is where the shift from workflow to creative tool building was observed.


With great work as a voice AI startup, it launched “Overdub” which realistically works as a text to speech voice cloning software tool.

  1. Voiceitt:

This startup makes use of voice AI with a cause. Its technological implementation has a unique and credible thought of making innovations all-inclusive. It makes way for the creation of an app for people with non-standard speech.


Voiceitt has become a boon for those with speech impairment. They can easily make use of voice tech in any language and any accent. Whether it is recognizing a specific speech pattern of a person for recognition or using shortcut phrases, Voiceitt provides great assistance to such routine scenarios. 

Therefore, it is one of the best use of voice AI and definitely a startup that has a bright future in this year 2021.

  1. Invoca:

This startup works on active conversation intelligence technology. It makes use of information that consumers share via conversations. The customer-voice is analyzed for intent and outcomes and useful insights are derived that support decision-making.


This real-time information is extremely useful for owners to act upon immediately. The many advantages of data science are not unknown in today’s world. And, getting insights from your customers itself is like hitting a goldmine. These creators at Invoca are the most rightful people to place your bets on as they are onto something that creates powered apps. 

  1. Notable:

2020 has been a trying year all across the globe owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. And, things have begun to take better shape in most parts of the world. But, what these trying times highlighted were the loopholes and silos in the healthcare system worldwide.


On the path to automate and digitize the patient-doctor voice interaction, Notable is striving to make use of voice AI to implement natural language processing, voice recognition, etc. to record their conversations and convert them into value-added data that can be helpful in treatment. This data is fed in EHRs (Electronic Health Records) of the patient for better treatment and recovery processes.

In Conclusion:

Each of these startups has a very unique approach and thereby can be labeled as innovative voice AI startups. They are broadening their perspective beyond the standard knowledge of Google Assistant making use of speech processing or voice recognition for serving its users. 


While we know that artificial intelligence AI is making big strides as a dependable technology, voice AI is an all the more emerging segment that is something to watch out for in the year 2021. 


Innovation has been the backbone of humanity’s extraordinary progress. In the 21st century, these AI startups have become the pole-bearers of innovations, solving many problems plaguing humanity. This is just a peek at the most exciting AI startups in the domain currently. There are a lot more organizations working towards developments in various areas of life using Artificial Intelligence. I recommend you go through this article to get a gist of where artificial intelligence and machine learning is progressing in 2021.

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