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A Comprehensive Guide On Small Animal Dental Instruments

Small animal dental instruments are the most important tools for the regular examination of Small animals’ oral hygiene. A veterinary dentist must have specialized and unique instruments for the oral checkup of pets.

For the purpose of extraction, it is important to loosen a tooth from its socket with the help of dental elevators. After loosening the tooth, the dentist can gently pull it with the help of forceps. In addition, several other professional instruments are available for ideal dental treatment as well. These instruments are available with a lot of variations for the ease of practitioners to get effective results. 

Small Animal Dental Instruments

There are various veterinary dental tools to diagnose and treat small animals. German forged small animal dental instruments are resistant to environmental changes, making them free from rust. Furthermore, these are reliable instruments for veterinary surgical procedures.

Types Of Small Animal Dental Surgical Instruments

Dentist always needs exclusive instruments for their Veterinary dental kits. There are some remarkable tools for the oral examination of small animals. 

  •  Dental elevators
  • Dental extraction forceps
  • Dental extractors
  • Dental needle holders
  • Dental scissors

Small Animal Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental Elevators:

The elevators are ideal tools that ease the extraction process of teeth. They are suitable for loosening the teeth from their socket. It has delicate tips that help lift the periosteum. There are various types of dental elevators instruments:

Spade Elevators:

The tool is suitable within the periodontal ligament space to slash the periodontal ligament. The elevator eases the process of extraction and ensures the safety of nearby areas. Spade elevators are available in variable sizes.

Feline Luxating Root Elevators:

Feline luxating root elevators are another dental surgical instrument commonly and ideally used by veterinary dentists in dental extraction procedures. Further, it is suitable in small animal surgery for pulling and elevating the teeth. The elevators are available in several variations for the ease of veterinary dentists.

Seldin Elevators

Veterinary dentists ideally use Seldin elevators to elevate and detach the periosteum by pushing it from the underlying bone. In addition, the tool is available with several variations to ease the extraction process.

Molt Periosteal Elevators

Molt periosteal elevators are most common to elevate periosteal in various dental surgical procedures. It features sharp blades with several variations for retraction purposes.

Apexo Elevators

Apexo elevator facilitates veterinary dentists in loosening the tooth from the retained roots. In addition, the tool’s unique features provide viable flexibility for better operations.

Dental Extraction Forceps:

Forceps are important small animal dental instruments. Veterinary dentists use forceps to extract teeth by applying manual force. The tools have an ergonomic design to ensure access to the unapproachable areas. The instruments have a similar shape to extraction teeth. This assists in grabbing them with a firm grip. The first step is loosening the tooth from its socket with the help of elevators. A wide range of forceps is available for tooth extraction with remarkable variations.

Pediatric Extraction Forceps:

Pediatric extraction forceps are ideal for pediatric extraction surgeries of small animals. It helps remove teeth without damaging the gingival tissues and alveolar bone. It features a unique style handle that provides a non-slippery grip to the experts.

Root Extraction Forceps:

Root extraction forceps feature grooved tips that help grab the tooth with a secure grip. In addition, it has small serrations with a curved end that assists in complete root extraction. The instrument is available in curved and straight handle variations.

Root Fragment Forceps:

Root fragment forceps have a specific design to remove small root fragments and delicate tooth practices. In addition, the instrument features grooved serrated jaws to provide a firm grip and fragile structures. Such tools are available in several varying sizes with long and slender variations. 

American Pattern Forceps:

American pattern forceps have a unique pattern of delicate jaws and a strong handle. The instrument’s features make it useful for molar teeth extraction without damaging the gums and surrounding tissues. As a result, it is an ideal instrument for small animal tooth extraction procedures.

Extracting Forceps English Pattern:

English pattern extracting forceps is useful for veterinary dental procedures on small animals. It has remarkable features for removing canines, premolars, wisdom teeth, roots, etc. the instrument features strong jaws that come up with different shapes to hold the teeth with a firm grip.

Atraumatic Extraction Forceps:

Atraumatic forceps are useful in tooth extraction procedures without damaging the nearby tissues. It assures effective and secures operational procedures. The instrument features finely serrated jaws that help grab the teeth without any danger of slippage and breaking. The forceps are obtainable in many variations of size and shape to accommodate different veterinary procedures.

Dental Extractors:

Dental extractors are useful in dental extraction procedures to eliminate the damaged tissues from the cavity of the small animal. They feature a unique handle for a secure grip and an angled sharp tip for pressing. It ideally performs other veterinary dental procedures to prevent decay from the tooth of the animal. The tool is available in various adjustments to facilitate the dentist during operational procedures.

Dental Needle Holders:

The needle holders are useful instruments in veterinary dental procedures. The tools are also named needle drivers, ideal for grasping needles during suturing. The instrument features serrated and non-serrated jaws that firmly hold the suturing needles for precise wound closure. In addition, the ratchet mechanism helps to lock the instrument in an accurate position. This handgrip tool has an ergonomic structure with a lot of variations.

Needle Holders Tungsten Carbide:

The needle holder’s tungsten carbide is useful during typical suturing procedures. Tungsten carbide makes the instrument ideal for long-term use. The tool is also available with several variations for the ease of surgeons during operational procedures.

Dental Scissors:

Dentists commonly use dental scissors to cut tissues to recreate the space for tooth implants. It features sharp serrated blades with fine tips, making it an ideal small animal dental instrument. The tool is German forged and available with many remarkable variations. In addition, the tool is accessible in varying shapes and sizes for assisting in various dental procedures.


Dentists need different types of instruments to examine small animals’ oral hygiene. A variety of dental elevators loosen the teeth for a secure and accurate extraction process. Forceps with unique properties grab the instrument to pull it out of the socket.

Vet and Tech is an ultimate platform for veterinary professionals to buy surgical instruments of any nature directly from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from around the globe. In addition, all the tools features in their extensive catelog are german-forged making them autoclaveable, rust-free and durable. 

Vet and tech offer versatile dental instruments to the veterinary dentist that provide good oral hygiene to small animals. In addition, these exclusive tools are ideal for various veterinary surgical procedures.


What is Veterinary Dental Forceps?

Dental forceps are important tools for tooth extraction and useful for pulling out the tooth from its socket securely.

What are dental extractors made of?

Dental extractors are German forged tools, having high tensile strength and resilient structure. The tools are ideal for long-term use and also require low maintenance.

Do small animal dental elevators are available in variations?

Various categories of instruments are available with varying features on the demand of veterinary dentists. 

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