Best Winter Destinations in Europe

Winters come in many disguises in various parts of Europe. Travelers who love the snow and long weeks without sun love to visit the Northern Polar regions. The Mediterranean region offers sunny weather. The central part of Europe offers exciting cafe culture and glistening Christmas spirit. If you are planning to visit Europe to spend your winters, try booking your flight tickets using Air Canada reservations for the best flying experience. 

Visiting Europe is always a pleasure as it has a lot to offer in terms of art, landscapes, gastronomy, and culture. Europe in winters offers varied climates that draw disparate landscapes ranging from the white cities of the Scandinavian countries, the gray cities where fog is the king, and the cities that look sunny almost all year round. 

List of Best Winter Destinations in Europe:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is Denmark’s beautiful capital with stunning snowfall and a few sunny days. Its massive and impressive palaces, houses with colorful facades, tranquil canals, and elegant gardens make this city an indispensable destination to delve into Scandinavian architecture and culture. When visiting Copenhagen, you will realize the legacy that the Danish royal family has offered to the capital, which has admired palaces dotted around the city, including Nyhavn Piers with its beautiful facades and romantic canal-side cafes. 

London, United kingdom

The capital of the United Kingdom has emerged for decades as the cradle of European Avant-garde and modernity. Visiting London with fog is essential, as it gives the picturesque touch that novels set there to represent. The city will surprise you with its vitality, cosmopolitanism, and interculturality. Seeing the rise of the London bridge, travelers even visit the Tower of London, touring the Strand, and getting to know St. Paul’s Cathedral are some of the basic things to do in the British capital. 

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Milan, Italy


Milan is the second most important city in Italy. However, it is considered the financial and design capital of the transalpine country. It is not for less. Milan is associated with fashion and decoration. The premises of the capital of Lombardy make the city worthy of the association. It is always advised to visit Duomo. To the left of the main entrance of the Duomo are the Victorio Emanuel II galleries that hold the best fashion stores in the city. On one side of the gallery, covered in mosaics, you will witness a bull figure, which also has many legendary sayings related to it. 

Paris, France


The city of light, love, and capital of France is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in winter. The romanticism and distinction that this city gives off are not diminished even by a cloudy and rainy day. Paris is colossal. Its monuments and museums are known on all continents, as is its gastronomy, internationally recognized as the best in the world. If it is your favorite destination, you can always try booking your flights using Spirit airlines reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 


Valletta offers beautiful places to have a walk and forget about the era. It has such postcard-worthy sites that it feels as if the time has stopped entirely in these areas. It preserves its 16th-century buildings all intact and as healthy as new. Malta is also the perfect destination for any winter vacation. It is the best winter destinations in Europe or any winter trip because winters are usually short on this island and last hardly two months. 

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