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Boost Productivity With Salesforce Chrome Extensions


Salesforce is a cloud-based software that allows businesses to collaborate and manage their sales, customers, and social media networks. With an understanding of the various functions of Salesforce, you can boost your productivity when using this platform by installing the appropriate Google Chrome extensions. These browser add-ons improve your experience with any webpage. If you are using Chrome as your primary browser for browsing the internet, then you need to check out these Google Chrome extensions for Salesforce users! Each one of them will provide you with a better user experience. Read on to learn more about our top seven recommendations for improving your experience when using Salesforce.

Why use Salesforce Chrome Extensions?

Salesforce Chrome Extensions let you take advantage of the power of Salesforce in your browser. They can help you navigate and interact with Salesforce more easily by providing tools like search, viewing your organization’s data in a grid view, and exporting data to CSV. They’re also great for sharing information with other users and groups in Salesforce.

A great way to use Salesforce Chrome Extensions is for people who are interested in Salesforce but haven’t had the chance yet to set up an account. They can be installed on computers that aren’t connected to the internet, and then used to find information about Salesforce.

Salesforce Chrome Extensions are also useful for people who want to get a deeper understanding of the data in their organization, whether they’re doing a simple analysis or taking part in a complex project involving multiple fields. For example, you can use one extension to create charts showing relationships between different fields, or another to export data into custom reports. You can also use these extensions as a way to share information with others in your organization.

Following are the Salesforce Extensions that will help to ease your work and boost productivity.

1. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM (customer relationship management) platforms in the world. With more than 415,000 users, it’s also a great choice for organizations of all sizes. And while Salesforce is a powerful tool, it’s not always easy to use. That’s where SalesforceQL Extractor and Analyzer for Chrome Extension come in. It makes it easy for Salesforce users to quickly extract critical data from SalesforceQL and convert it into useful reports that can be shared with team members. With this extension, you can easily extract data from any SalesforceQL record. You can then get detailed reports in CSV (comma-separated value) format, ready to be imported into spreadsheet programs like Excel. Moreover, if you need to make changes to the data, SalesforceQL Extractor and Analyzer for Chrome Extension make those changes easy too. As a result, SalesforceQL Extractor and Analyzer for Chrome Extension is a great way to get the information you need from Salesforce.

2. Revenue Grid for Salesforce and Gmail

Income Grid is another Chrome augmentation that permits Salesforce clients to deal with their salesforce accounts straightforwardly from their Gmail inbox. The expansion gives a salesforce sidebar in Gmail, which gives clients admittance to their salesforce account, contacts, leads, and valuable open doors. Income Grid likewise incorporates various highlights that make it simple to oversee salesforce information, including the capacity to make new records, add remarks, and append documents. The expansion is at present in beta and is accessible to salesforce clients who pursue a free preliminary. Income Grid is an extraordinary method for dealing with your salesforce account, and the salesforce sidebar in Gmail makes it simple to monitor your salesforce information.

3. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

Salesforce is a well-known CRM device that numerous organizations use to deal with their client information. The Salesforce Dashboard Chrome Extension is a convenient device that permits you to see and deal with your Salesforce information straightforwardly from your Chrome program. The expansion gives a helpful point of interaction to get to Salesforce information, and it likewise permits you to deal with your information straightforwardly from your program. The expansion is accessible free of charge from the Chrome Web Store, and it’s an incredible instrument for salesforce clients. In the event that you’re searching for a method for improving your Salesforce experience, the Salesforce Dashboard Chrome Extension is certainly worth looking at.

4. Salesforce Admin Check All

Salesforce is a well-known CRM stage that numerous organizations use to deal with their client information. A Salesforce Admin is liable for keeping the framework moving along as planned and keeping information coordinated. One instrument that can be useful for Salesforce Admins is the Check All chrome expansion. This expansion permits you to rapidly check every one of the things in a Salesforce list view. This can be useful when you want to confirm information or ensure all things are refreshed. In the event that you’re a Salesforce Admin, make certain to look at the Check All chrome expansion. It can save you time and assist you with remaining coordinated.

5. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

In the event that you’re a Salesforce client, odds are you’ve wanted a superior method for looking through your code. Indeed, there’s presently an answer: the Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher chrome expansion. This augmentation permits you to indicate measures (like an article, field, and namespace) and afterwards search through your codebase for matching outcomes. It’s a gigantic efficient device, and it can assist you with investigating issues all the more rapidly. In the event that you’re a Salesforce engineer, you want this expansion. Introduce it today and make your life more straightforward!

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Most Common Salesforce Chrome Extensions

Salesforce chrome augmentations are apparatuses that assist you with making your life more straightforward with Salesforce. These augmentations permit you to do things like access Salesforce from your workstation, save records to Salesforce, or view Salesforce introductions on your PC. Contingent upon your necessities and what kind of Salesforce application you use, there might be more than one expansion accessible. Get some margin to explore the kinds of augmentations that are accessible and which ones will help you the most. Probably the most widely recognized sorts of salesforce chrome augmentations include: –

Fieldable: This expansion permits you to rapidly make new records or alter existing records from inside Chrome.

Zoomable Charts: Use this expansion to rapidly see and connect with Salesforce Charts from inside Chrome

Time Tracking: Use this expansion to follow your time spent on unambiguous undertakings in Salesforce

Segmented Metadata: Use this expansion to rapidly see and oversee information connected with Segment fields in Salesforce.

Solver: Use this expansion to rapidly find replies in Salesforce while utilizing Queries, Lookups and Relationships

Data Dashboard: Use this expansion to make self-administration dashboards in Salesforce

Activity Feed: Use this expansion to stay aware of movement all through your association by means of feeds on Salesforce.

Form Builder: Use this augmentation to rapidly construct new structures in Salesforce by means of Chrome

Wrapping up

Hope you have found above mentioned Salesforce Chrome Extensions useful. Stay connected for more updates.

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