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Chartered Accountancy is considered one of the most popular, in-demand yet tough courses. The steps to reach there are three: Foundation, Intermediate and Final.

Students who choose this career path often struggle to find out the best techniques to prepare for the examinations. To assist them, we have listed a few of them. But, let us first begin with the dose of motivation.

Read ahead to boost your mental energies.

Time will never be just right especially when you are planning to work towards achieving your goals. When you look around yourself, you would realize the world is constantly brimming and the competition around you is touching new heights with each passing day. That is why you don’t afford to sit for long and spend hours just planning things. You’re required to get up and push yourself to action, no matter how hard it seems to be. Understandably, you might wake up with a good plan each day but in between, distractions kick in and as a result, your tasks get carried forwards but, in such times, remind yourself to buckle up because your hustle begins right here!

Make sure you find a good routine that best fits you and watch how it transforms your productivity and also makes you maintain a balance between your study schedule and other things.

Here’s a checklist that will help you plan better.

  • Prepare a to-do list.
  • Make a timetable.
  • Cross out things that you’ve done.
  • Plan another day beforehand.
  • Wrap up unfinished tasks and fit them into the following schedule.
  • Make time for your hobbies.
  • Stay hydrated, eat and rest well.
  • Reward yourself each time you complete a task.

These gold nuggets are capable of helping you make your journey easier. So, don’t you miss this one!

Let us get into some of the points that can help you with the preparation for your exams.


Understandably, there must be different patterns that you might follow to prepare for your exams but below listed are some of the points that students might consider while they prepare for their CA exams.

Read further and make a note of them to achieve your goals and get closer to your professional dreams.

  • Prepare a time table

Following a time-based schedule can be difficult at most times. However, it is the only way that guarantees results which means that students who are aiming for good results shall necessarily prepare a timetable with proper limits and be able to follow it religiously.

  • Select the best coaching

It is an undeniable fact that mentors play a vital role in one’s learning journey and that is why candidates are advised to choose their mentors wisely. You don’t always have to go after big names, what is important is you being able to understand your teacher and hence, the way they teach.

  • Prepare study notes

Coming to one of the most important pieces of advice for a lifetime for students, make sure that you always prepare study notes for yourself. Whether you’re understanding, studying or preparing, notes can be your go-to learning buddy.

Tip: Make highlighted key points so that it becomes easier for you to recognize and memorize things better.

  • Command over calculator

Candidates shall practice some important and common calculations repeatedly to build their grip and enhance the command over the calculator. Since exams always come with a lot of stress and other uncommon feelings, students tend to get panic and make careless mistakes and that is why it is important to analyze it and be best prepared for it.

  • At least 3 revisions

Whether we talk about the CA exams or any other exams that you’re about to give, multiple revisions are a must. Students shall be thorough with the concepts and should have a mind map prepared beforehand. We advise all the candidates to have revised the complete syllabus at least thrice before appearing on the final day.

  • Attempt practice papers

Last but not least, attempting mock tests hold the most importance in a student’s preparation journey. Candidates shall make sure to attempt multiple test papers that can help you understand the exam pattern and prepare well thereafter.

Staying high on motivation each time you plan to work towards your goals is tough for everyone but the ones who reach their final desired destinations always aim higher. You shall never give up. Understand that success might just be around the corner and let that fuel you to take action.

Keep hustling until you’re done!


Aiming higher often fuels more. And to get more, you need to dream big and work even harder for which you have to surely come out of your comfort zones and extend your benchmarks.

Below are some of the tips that can help you plan your journey better.

  • Regularity

The most important tip that the students shall constantly hold in their minds is being regular. You should be able to devote yourself completely to move closer to your goals. Hard work is the key to reach out to your targets and that too in time. Always remember that those who manage well, achieve well.

  • Syllabus

Since syllabus is too much when it comes to the professional courses like ours and it is not possible to always stay calm and give it your best shot. But the key to it is consistency. Candidates shall make sure that they shall be able to convince themselves each time to take action and not give up.

  • Notes

Students shall always be ready with their study notes. It is always the most satisfactory answer to all your last minute confusions and it also helps you save a lot of time. Remember, every time it won’t be possible to flip each page over and over again and understand things and that is exactly why you shall be ready with proper study notes.

  • Revision

Students must revise the whole syllabus multiple times before the examination. Once you are done with your syllabus, try to spend your most of the time revising and doing multiple readings of the chapter. This will help you a lot during examination. But at the same time, make sure you practice some mind-calming exercises, it would help you avoid confusion and unnecessary stress.

  • Mock papers

Take a note that your preparation only completes when you get a clear idea of the exam idea. It is because unless you understand the exam pattern, you won’t be able to analyze things and prepare accordingly. Students shall make sure that they attempt some practice papers so that they are able to self-evaluate themselves and prepare the next practice schedule based on the previous observations.

The strongest factor responsible for any achievement of life is self-esteem which means that you shall always keep your spirits high.  Wherever you are & whatever you do, to get somewhere where you wish to, you have to believe in yourself & that’s the only secret to your success and the early you understand it, the better you would perform and get closer to your dreams.


Whatever level you’re at, students face difficulties while preparing for the exams and these confusions do nothing other than adding to your stress level.

To help the students with some steps to prepare, we’ve listed below some learning hacks which you shall include in your study schedule to make your learning better.

Listed below are some proven tips that can help you amplify your learning.

  • Make flowcharts
  • Use examples and mnemonics
  • Highlighted notes
  • Teach and ask yourself
  • Speak out loud while revisions

To go from where you’re to where you want to, you have to sacrifice your comforts, realize your potential and decide not to quit no matter how tough it gets.

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