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Top e-commerce website security threats and solutions

ecommerce website security

e-commerce website security threats and solutions As e-commerce continues to grow, so do the website security threats that companies face. With so many options for shoppers, it’s important for online merchants to protect their businesses from cybercriminals. Web hackers may want to take advantage of their customers’ personal information or …

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How Intelligent Automation can Transform Your Business Digitally

How Intelligent Automation can Transform Your Business Digitally

This post is originally published here: What is Intelligent Automation? Everything You Need to Know! It’s encouraging that 56% of CEOs have already witnessed improved profits by inculcating cognitive technologies and moving ahead in their automation journey. Also, a whopping percentage of companies have prioritized digital transformation compared to cybersecurity, cloud migration, and customer …

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How Business Analyst Coaching is Important for a Business?

Business analysts coaching are remodeling groups. They facilitate virtual transformation. They facilitate trade. Business analysts wear many hats. They translate complex procedures into the development language for the duration of device improvement. They control alternate and act as information channels. “Business analysts permit an organization to select the proper enterprise …

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How To Hire A Backend Development Team

Backend development

The tech-driven world has uplifted many businesses with the help of software development. With almost every brand and every business switching to applications, software development is the trend everyone’s been following along with unique features to cater to the needs of both the business owner as well as the customer. …

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