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Celebrity Heroes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow

The celebrity heroes of the world don’t all wear caps! Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx and Carrie Underwood are among the stars who have stepped up to make a difference for real people. In fact, famous people have earned headlines for everything from saving people from imminent death to stopping burglars from their tracks. John Krasinski, for instance was able to save a young woman from drowning at Costa Rica after his high school graduation.

“While I was at the beach — and this is an incident that I’ve never shared with anyone else about it was like this: A Costa Rican girl and an American person were swimming right alongside me, and were knee-deep. I was submerge for a moment and then when I got up, he was shouting at the top voice. Literally, in just three minutes, the girl was swept over 150 yards from the shore.”Krasinski was quick to react There was nobody around to assist me. I left and tried to help the girl,” the man reminisced. ” The moment was one of the times of ‘Oh I’m sorry, you’ve did a terrible thing and it could cost you your life.'”

It was Jack Ryan star state that the actor “didn’t think about it like that” at the time. He told the media, “It was simply this survival instinct.” It felt pretty strange, like the girl was asking for my approval to let her go. I did, however, win her back. Later, the surfers intervened to help them return to the shore, but Krasinski still remembers that particular moment. Granted, not everyone needs to go through life-or-death situations, but that transformed Krasinski’s whole outlook on life.

Julie Bowen

Her sister assisted a hiker named Minnie John, who fell head forward onto a rock in the Utah National Park. John later recalled his awakening to the voice of Bowen and pondering what it was that made it sound like a familiar.

“Her sister was a doctor who requested me to guess, and I said I had hit my head. I don’t know what happened. She smiled and said ‘Modern Family” and I replied, that of course! “In August 2021, she posted something on Facebook.

Tina Fey

It was revealed that the Saturday Night Live actor reveal in December 2020. She has help save one man’s life during the outbreak of the coronavirus. The Celebrity Heroes person at risk was killed in a boat accident on the city of New York’s Hudson River. “The first morning that we were there, I was standing outside and we were looking out — you could see the Hudson River from where we are, it’s so pretty — and She stated on The Tonight Show, “I just heard something. In the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

As she was unable to determine if somebody needed help or whether it was just bird-like and needed help, she sought out the help from her child Alice and husband Jeff Richmond. They finally called the police 

Stephen Baldwin

In a meeting with his publicist in the New York City’s Peninsula Hotel in August 2012 Baldwin helped a woman who was suffering from a seizure. “I held her hand and said a few prayers,” Baldwin stated to in the New York Daily News. “I wanted to make sure the young lady was OK and her breathing wasn’t restricted.” After the three-minute incident the woman was

Ryan Gosling

A little more than a year after the actor swung the gun to stop the fight between two men who were trying to steal a piece of art in New York City, the actor stopped a British journalist from being hit by taxis in 2012. Laurie Penny writes of the event, “I didn’t remember to glance the appropriate direction. “Celebrity Heroes who was driving by saved me from being run over by a car. I said, “Thanks. There it was. Ryan Gosling ended up to be the actor.

Prince Harry

Heroic Harry! He Duke of Sussex helped save his life American businessman Bash Kasi when the Polo player was knocked unconscious in a collision during a game in 2012. Celebrity Heroes was able to turn Kasi over when his fall and stayed there until he regained consciousness. The moment Kasi awoke, she noticed a pair of piercing blue eyes staring at her.

Zoe Saldana

In January 2012 The Avatar actor was driving through California when she encounter an elderly woman who was involve in a crash. After witnessing the crash, the Celebrity Heroes immediately came to the aid of the woman and helped her get from her vehicle, calling 911 and even reclaiming the woman’s purse while waiting for ambulances to arrive.

Brad Pitt

Production of World War Z in Scotland in the summer of 2011, Pitt took to the stage after a film extra was injured while filming the filming of a scene. He nearly trampled. “Lots of people hurt themselves and Brad came to the rescue of one woman who slipped,” an on-set source said to the Scottish Sun.

Kate Winslet

It was reported that the Titanic actor escaped injury in 2011 while she was staying at the Richard Branson’s Caribbean home following the manse worth $70 million caught fire. In the 20 people who were staying at Branson’s residence in the moment, actress Winslet was able to carry Branson’s mother, who was 90 years old, Eve, to safety.

Ryan Kwantlen

True Blood’s Kwantlen was instrumental in saving a bloody, wounded man who was walking down a Hollywood avenue in the year 2001. When he stumbled across the injured man, Kwantlen jumped out of his car and immediately attempted to assist. “He stayed there watching him until paramedics arrived,” an eyewitness said about Kwantlen, an Australian actor. “He was just making sure this guy was OK.”

Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne has stopped potential car burglars at a car burglary in London during July of 2011. She tweeted that she had “just stopped 2 lads from stealing a vehicle. All I said Celebrity Heroes was ‘oi’ and they fled like the wind.” “I had no idea I was so terrifying!”

Olivia Washington

Is an American actor best known for her appearances in films like. “The Comedian” and “Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ as well as TV shows like “Mr. Robot. The actress is also known for being an actress who is the sister of famous American actors. Directors and director Denzel Washington as well as his partner, actress Pauletta Washington. Olivia was attract to dancing and acting at an early age and followed the example of her grandparents. She began her career by playing minor roles in large-screen and small-screen productions. Films like “The Comedian” and “The Butler” have both included her. She has also appeared in movies like “Madoff” and television shows like “Mr. Robot.”

Harrison Ford

The year 1998 was the time that Ford has been credit for the rescue of a hiker stuck mid-climbing on the Idaho’s Table Mountain. Unwell and unable to make longer than just a couple of steps. Sarah George was rescu when Ford pilot his helicopter to her spot. “I can’t believe I barfed in Harrison Ford’s helicopter,”. George admitted to vomiting into the hat of an EMT during their descent, said later.

Carrie Underwood

While traveling across Oklahoma and Tennessee during the holiday season. Underwood pulled off the road to help a wounded dog that appeared to be “bloody” and “limping” in the year 2011. “My guess is that the dogs were thrown out of their car by their owners on the highway”.wrote on her blog for fans of the dogs. who she brought to a vet in the area to receive treatment.

JC Chases

The singer was a riot during January of 2012 Miami after helicopters was over the beach that he was enjoying and an umbrella soared into the air because of the force of propellers. The umbrella was heading toward the stroller that had a child in it, Chases grabbed it before the baby was injur.

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