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Digital Marketing – Career, Scope and Various Online Courses

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Planning to start a career in the field of digital marketing but don’t know from where to begin?Well don’t worry! You will get the answer for the question in this article. Here, in this article we are focusing on what is digital marketing and  its scope and popular online digital marketing courses to help you build a successful career.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing of products and services using digital channels to connect with consumers.In digital marketing, marketers  promote their campaigns on search engines, social media platforms, emails etc. to reach wide audiences.

 Types of Digital Marketing –

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3. E-mail Marketing

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Social Media Marketing

6. Content Marketing

7. Mobile Marketing


What does a digital marketer do?

In  general , digital marketers are responsible for creating brand awareness, generating traffic for the  website, and generating leads  through various digital platforms.

A digital marketer can take up several roles and use various digital channels such as advertising, social media, email marketing, etc., to reach out to the  potential customers.


Scope of digital marketing


Digital marketing has come out as the quickest method of promotion and marketing, reaching out to a great audience.Companies of various segments are focusing their interests in digital marketing activities.

According to a source, India’s digital economy is expected to touch $1 trillion mark by 2022.

A report in Indian Express suggests that 85% marketers are tracking revenues created through digital marketing and 50% of them reported that e-marketing activities are adding to more than 10% of their revenues.


Qualification required for digital marketing


As digital marketing is a huge field, the qualifications can vary for different positions.

Usually, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, analytics, or related fields can be a good means to enter into the digital marketing industry but not compulsory. Even if you are not from the marketing background, you can pursue a career in the field of digital marketing with the help of some certifications and online courses.


Popular online digital marketing courses

There are various options in online digital marketing courses.Some of these courses are free, while some are paid. There are also some courses available that are free for learning but you have to pay for the certification.

Here are some popular online digital marketing courses –


  • Website: Google Academy for Ads

Course: Adwords Certification

Price: Free

Format: Online


  • Website: Google Analytics

Course: Analytics Certification

Price: Free

Format: Online


  • Website: Udemy

Course: Digital Marketing Masterclass

Price: Variable

Format: Online


  • Website: Hubspot Academy

Course: Inbound Certification

Price: Free

Format: Online


  • Website: Hubspot Academy

Course: Email Marketing

Price: Free

Format: Online


  • Website: Udacity

Course: Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

Price: Rs.44,900

Format: Online


  • Website: Microsoft

Course: Bing Ads Accredited Profesional

Price: Free

Format: Online


  • Website: Skillhives

Course : Digital Marketing

Price : Rs.4999

Format :  Online


  • Website : Internshala

Course : Digital Marketing

Price : Rs. 1300

Format : Online


Different job profiles in digital Marketing –


Depending on the branch of your specialization, you can expect any of the following job profile as a digital marketer:


1. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager deals with the entire online marketing strategy for a company which includes email marketing, blogs, SEO, social media marketing,  and much more. Basically they oversee the workings of each of the sub-domains and identify areas of improvement to optimize them.

2. Content Strategist

The main function of a content strategist is to design a content strategy on the basis of business objectives and the needs of the target audience. Basically, content strategists research the content requirements and come up with a strategy to convey the project which includes developing a content calendar, creating blogs and keep them running, making style guides, implementing SEO best practices and many more such activities.

3. Social Media Manager

The job of a social media manager is to oversee social media accounts and to track their performance to ensure steady growth. Basically, the primary responsibility of a Social Media Manager is to come up with eye-catching and engaging text copies along with visual designs, including video, pictures, infographics and  many more.

4. SEO Manager

A search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing professional focuses on upgrading the viability of any digital page to improve its chances of getting ranked by Google and similar other search engines by implementing various SEO factors.

5. SEM Manager

They are  responsible for managing paid campaigns on search engines along with handling display ads on Google. Apart from that they can also handle the budget  distribution, strategy and analytics.

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