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Easy Drawing Tutorials Learn to Draw for Free with These Beginners

Easy Drawing Tutorials Learn to Draw for Free with These Beginners

Are you looking for a new hobby? We suggest you learn to draw easy drawing tutorials for free as it is easy and simple. You only need the Internet and the desire to do it. No matter how old you are, you can do it from the comfort of your home. There are many reasons to try.

Studies have shown that drawing develops motor and brain skills since neurons are fired by creative thinking that leads to mental relaxation, therefore, it is a suggested activity to reduce stress.

Next, we invite you to know how you can do it, even if you are a beginner.

easy drawing tutorials

The 5 best tutorials to learn to draw for free if you are a beginner

Technology has changed the way of learning, and drawing is not far behind, therefore, to get started in this art, the following tutorial channels will serve you:

365 Sketches

365 Sketches is a YouTube channel with tutorials that teach you how to draw, recommended because you will find step by step different drawings or sketches of animals, portraits, and children’s comics; You will also find another section of explanatory videos on how to draw Kawaii-style drawings.

Kawaii drawings are a Japanese style to make something tender, sweet, or to perish to children, for that reason, you will find drawings of fruits and objects like that. Most of the drawings are done in pencil or highlighted with a lung of black ink. Videos with the title “Sketches” are not explained.

JuCaRo Vlog Art

Found on YouTube vegetable names. The channel is structured to learn to draw for free in pencil and mostly how to bring them to watercolor with a brush (he mentioned that detail because there are also watercolor pencils), it stands out for the detailed explanation.

In some videos there will be homework exercises, you will find drawings of landscapes, flowers, and objects. It is observed that the author has directed his videos more to teach painting with a brush, but it is still a good base for those who start because there is a good sketch.

The MaxiArte

In The Maxiarte you will see more pencil drawings and one that another in pastel chalk (using your fingers to blur the colors) and oil pastel, you will find an explanation for the mistakes made in the drawing, it focuses on the charcoal technique, but also explains others that he uses roughly.

The range of his videos goes from landscapes, animals, faces, and drawings from science fiction movies or how to imitate this theme; It also gives suggestions on how to draw the pictures and basic tips (for example, how to improve the pulse). You can also find it on YouTube in the highlights.


Youtuber oriented to teach you the 3D pencil drawing of objects, animals, and landscapes; You will also see drawings about comics, anime, movie characters, these can be done in pencil, marker, with colors, or in watercolor. Some of his videos are for you to see how he does them.

However, when the title says explain or step by step talks about it, it also gives suggestions for a realistic 3D drawing; It has a section to draw your subscribers or whatever they ask for. Without a doubt, they are more advanced tutorials, but they give tips that are valid for beginners.

Harold Artist

He has some videos with tips to learn to draw, although most of them are for you to see how he makes his cool drawing idea, stands out in the list for his versatility of techniques to draw from charcoal, with colors, to Pankcake art (cake drawings) and art with coffee.

You find tips to make your drawings realistic. There are drawings of faces, movie characters or celebrities, in 3D, science fiction, and animals. He is a very talkative YouTuber with the viewer. Channel with many contests and challenges.

His tutorials are undoubtedly a challenge for some, but by presenting different techniques with some tips to learn to draw for free so that a beginner has a greater vision of drawing as art and wants to practice until they improve.

Drawing well basically depends on individual talent, but it is also very important to learn the technique.

Anyone can create fairly decent drawings by mastering the basics of drawing.

There are thousands of free courses and tutorials to learn to draw on the Internet, but you have to be selective because many of them are simple promotional videos where an artist starts to draw and the only lesson is ” here I use this pencil “, ” here I do this and this “. As if the key to drawing was simple imitation. And it is not like that. Despite this, we have included some tutorials of this type, because they are colorful and give you ideas … when you already know how to draw.

The drawing tutorials are very varied, so to organize them we have divided them into several sections. We start with free tutorials to learn how to draw from scratch. We also pay attention to the tutorials to learn to draw on the computer with graphic design programs. Finally, we deal with YouTube channels that teach drawing on video.

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