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Follow These Criteria while choosing a good CBSE School

When it comes to choosing a school board for children, CBSE is one of the country’s leading options. However, not all CBSE schools offer the same curriculum or education. If you want to find the best CBSE school for your child, you must consider several factors.

Read on to know the criteria to consider while choosing the right CBSE school. 

Subject Options

CBSE offers many subject options for the students. They can opt for various combinations when they enter high school, but all the schools don’t incorporate it in their curriculum. It can be because of the lack of trained teachers or less infrastructural development. Hence, they offer only those subjects that children generally opt for. Schools from different zonal areas and states may also have their regional language as essential subjects. For example, a CBSE school in Ahmedabad may have a subject combination that includes Gujarati as one language. Ensure that the school you shortlist for your child offers options for students to choose subjects of their interest. 

School Reputation

The school’s reputation plays an important role. That does not mean that it should be a very hi-fi school, but it must have reasonably good recognition. Try to check how the students from the specific CBSE school have performed in the board exams in the last few years. The results can convey a lot to you about the coaching given in the school. 


CBSE schools follow the assessment pattern of Formative Assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA). In between one SA, there are two FAs, and there are two SA examinations in an academic year. Enrolling your child in a CBSE school strictly following this pattern can give him/her a better learning experience. 

The school also allots a few internal projects and assignments to the students and gives students marks according to their performance in these internal assignments. Talk to the students who are currently studying in the school to determine what kind of projects are assigned and evaluate how useful these can be to the children. These projects go a long way in enhancing students’ knowledge and helping them better handle real-life challenges. 

Co-Curricular Activities

The CBSE school you choose for your child should include co-curricular activities as a part of its curriculum. There should be the right balance between academics and these activities. Such activities help children develop skills like team building, group discussion, etc., thus helping in their overall development. If your child is interested in sports, ensure that the school you choose supports growing in that sport. Remember that scholastics and extra-curricular activities are essential for a child’s all-round growth. 

I hope the above discussion can help you narrow down your choices and choose the best CBSE school for your child. Don’t just randomly pick any school that says it’s affiliated to the CBSE board.

About Shruti Singh

Shruti is an Indian Blogger, a contributor that likes writing & covering topics in General for 5 more years now.

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