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Fun Ways to Travel Around the World Privately

When most people think of traveling the world, they imagine doing it with friends or family. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can be just as much fun – if not more so – to travel privately. Here are ten fun ways to do just that.

1. Rent a Private Plane

One of the best and most luxurious travel methods is renting your private plane. This option allows you to fly wherever and whenever you want without worrying about finding a seat on a commercial flight. A private jet charter service can provide you with a plane, pilot, and crew to make your trip as stress-free as possible. You can also choose your itinerary and avoid the hassle of long security lines.

2. Charter a Yacht

Consider chartering a yacht if you’re looking for a more relaxing and secluded way to travel. This option allows you to explore beautiful coastal towns and enjoy all the amenities of a luxury cruise ship without sharing your space with hundreds of other passengers.

3. Book a Villa

If you’re looking for privacy and luxury while on vacation, consider booking a villa. These spacious homes come with all the amenities you need, from private pools to chef services, and are typically located in some of the world’s most scenic destinations. Villas come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate any budget. They offer the privacy of your home and all hotel amenities, such as room service and maid service.

4. Rent an Entire Island

If you want to get away, consider renting your private island. This option offers complete privacy, seclusion, and plenty of room to spread out and relax. Most islands come with their staff, so you’ll never have to lift a finger (unless you want to!).

5. Hire a Personal Guide

Hiring a personal guide is a great way to see new places and learn about local culture. This service can be arranged through travel agencies or online platforms like Airbnb Experiences. Guides can provide insider tips on the best places to eat, drink, and sightsee in each city they visit.

6. Stay in a Luxury Hotel Suite

Opting for a hotel suite is always a good idea for those who crave extra privacy and luxury while on vacation. Many high-end hotels offer suites with living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, butler service, and other exclusive amenities.

7. Travel by Private Train or Limo Service

Another great way to enjoy privacy and comfort while traveling is by private train or limo service. This option is perfect for those who want to avoid long airport security lines or to relax in style on their way to their next destination. Services can be booked through travel agents or online platforms.

8. Take Safaris in Africa or Adventure Tours in South America

If you’re looking for an extreme adventure vacation, consider taking safaris in Africa or adventure tours in South America. These tours offer amazing wildlife sightings and thrilling activities like zip lining and white-water rafting.

9. Book an All-Inclusive Resort Package Deal

All-inclusive resort packages are another great way to enjoy luxurious accommodations without worrying about anything else that costs extra money down the road). These resorts typically include all meals, drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), entertainment, and activities like water sports and golfing).

10. Take a Cruise

Cruises are a great way to see multiple destinations without having to pack and unpack multiple times. They also offer plenty of on-board activities, such as concerts, comedy shows, and gambling, so you’ll never be bored.

11. Rent a Houseboat

Houseboats are another fun way to see multiple destinations without constantly moving your luggage around. They often come with all the amenities of a regular house, such as kitchens and bathrooms, so that you can save money on food and lodging costs.

12. Hit the Open Road on a Motorcycle

For an adrenaline rush like no other, hit the open road on a bike. You’ll experience all the sights and sounds of your destination up close and personal while saving money on gas and lodging costs compared to car travel.


No matter what type of holiday you’re looking for, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a luxurious getaway without breaking the bank. The possibilities are endless, from booking an all-inclusive resort package deal or renting a villa to taking cruises and safaris, hiring a personal guide, or even renting an entire island.

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