How COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed The Traveling Aspect of Australia – Check Before you Plan!

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Every year thousands of travelers visit Australia. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are some restrictions taken by the Australian government to limit the spread of the virus. 

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, biosecurity controls and travel restrictions are in place. Hence, planning a trip to Australia will not be the same as before; packing clothes or visa checks is not enough. 

Keep reading to learn what arrangements are in place while flying to or from Australia.

Who is allowed to travel? 


Australian nationals, a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen, usually resident in Australia, are both permitted to enter Australia depending on the Australian Department of Home Affairs’ official website. 

Refugee and Humanitarian (Class XB) visa holders are only approved after they have already reached Australia. 

New Zealand citizens, usually residing in Australia and members of their immediate family, may travel to Australia.

You would be allowed in if you are an immediate family member of an Australian citizen, but you have to produce proof of your engagement, and you must have a valid visa before you leave. 

An immediate family member as in a wife, a de facto spouse in a de facto way, dependent kids, a Legitimate Custodian, etc. 

You can be given an individual exemption by the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force if you are: 

  • A non-citizen traveling to assist in the COVID-19 response at the request of the Australian Government or a State or Territory Government Authority 
  • Provision of emergency or advanced emergency facilities, including air ambulances, medical evacuations, and the provision of vital medical supplies 
  • A non-citizen with the requisite ability or employed in Australia in a key sector
  • A not-citizen funded by the company to serve on the Priority Migration Qualified Profession List in Australia in an occupation or PMSOL. 
  • A non-citizen, funded by the Australian Government or a State or Territory Government Body, whose admission would otherwise be in the national interest 
  • Military members, including those being part of the Agreement on the Status of Forces, the Commonwealth Armed Forces, the Asia Pacific Forces, and the Armed Forces Agreement on the Status of Forces

Before you fly, you must have a visa and an exemption from Australia’s travel restrictions. You should apply online for an exception and must have sufficient documentation to support the claims. 

If insufficient documentation is given, petitions can be finalized without further thought. It is essential to translate all documents into English officially. You need to apply for an exception at least two weeks before your scheduled tour, but not more than three months.

You should already have a visa to complete a travel exemption appeal, and you should have information and documentation to support your assertion. Proposals can be finalized if insufficient proof is presented, without further thought.

The following may contain this – 

  • Proof of personality 
  • Proof that you have a valid visa 
  • Itinerary for Flight 
  • Marriage, birth, certificate of deaths 
  • Evidence of partnership or residency, such as a shared tenancy agreement, joint bank account, etc.
  • Letter from a doctor or hospital showing that it is essential to fly 
  • An employer’s note indicating that travel is important 
  • Supporting a letter from a corporation or government department to justify why your abilities are relevant.
  • To back the arguments, the statutory statement.

After taking quarantine preparation, you still need to find a Translation Service in Australia to translate your documents to English from your native language for Visa approval. 

Quarantine Restrictions for Australia Travelers after 2020


travel restrictions


The Australian official website of the Health Department reported that all travelers traveling by air or sea in Australia must go into compulsory quarantine at specified facilities in the city they arrive in for 14 days, even though they wish to fly to other areas of Australia. 

The state and territories’ government handles quarantine arrangements covering travel from the point of arrival to the quarantine facility and the quarantine arrangements. Travelers will be charged the cost.

National exemptions from compulsory quarantine may be available to: 

  • Travelers from a safe green travel zone. 
  • Airline, medevac, and air ambulance crew, and the off-shift team riding on an airplane as passengers to reposition themselves at another venue. 
  • However, the domestic flight crew must comply with the quarantine requirements of the state or jurisdiction involved. 
  • Transit passengers whether they stay at the airport or head to the state-designated facility for mandatory quarantine when the delay is less than 8 hours.
  • Unaccompanied minors. After arrival in quarantine with a parent or guardian, they will be permitted to travel within Australia unless otherwise stated by the appropriate state or jurisdiction. Diplomats must be segregated for 14 days on their assignment or at their usual residence upon arrival. 
  • People who are caring or medically inspired. They must send applications to the appropriate state or jurisdiction for a quarantine exemption on medicinal or humanitarian grounds.

Various states and territories may have special conditions for quarantine. You will need to apply for a quarantine exemption from each nation if you are looking to pass through more than one state or jurisdiction over 14 days.

Be sure to know the details about COVID-19 if you are flying in Australia or abroad.  


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