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How to Convert EML to PST & Import EML to Office 365? – Direct Methods


In current business scenarios, there are many users who want to convert their EML files to PST and Office 365 accounts. So, we decide to provides solutions from both user’s queries on “How to convert EML to PST ” & “How to import EML to Office 365”.

In this write-up we are going to provides easy & direct methods to perform this task. So, without wasting a time let’s start the procedure!

How to Convert EML to PST?

To export EML files to PST file with entire data without any data loss we will use an automated converter tool. Because an automated tool is a reliable solution to convert EML to PST.

Of course, there is a manual method available, but with the manual method, you will face dependency issues like manual method required the installation of Windows Live Mail email client, you need to follow complicated steps, time taking procedure, etc..

Other hand, automated EML to PST converter is a direct solution. You do not need any email client installation. It will convert EML to PST file with entire data and Metadata within a few clicks. Apart from this, you do not need any technical expertise to export data from EML to PST with this tool. Let’s start the conversion of EML to PST with a tool.

Know Working Steps of Tool to Convert EML Files to PST with Attachment

1: Start EML to PST converter tool.

2: Select EML files which you want to convert. The tool provides multiple options to select EML file –

  1. Select EML File
  2. Select Folder

3: After selecting EML files click on the Convert button.

4: Now, in this window, you will get multiple options: Destination Path – to save output PST file, Option to maintain folder structure, Split option to divide large PST file into multiple parts. Click on OK.

5: After that, the software starts conversion EML to PST.

Now, you can import the PST file into the Outlook email application easily to access data of the PST file.

How to Import EML to Office 365 Account?

First, you have to know we can not directly import EML into Office 365 with a manual method. In manual methods, we have to convert EML to PST then import the PST file to Office 365 by using Network Upload or Drive shipping methods.

To directly import EML to Office 365 without any complication you have to use automated EML to Office 365 migration tool. The tool will help you to import multiple EML files to Office 365 with entire attachments.

The tool comes with multiple advanced feature’s it will help you to migrate EML files & attachments to Office 365. By using the tool you can import EML files / file in Office 365 users account without the need of Office 365 admin credential. The tool provides an option for bulk & selective EML to Office 365 migration. Get to know the working steps of the tool –

How to Migrate EML Files to Office 365 User Account by Using Tool

1: Start the software.

2: Select EML files which you want to migrate to Office 365.

3: After selecting EML files click on the convert button.

4: Now, enter the user ID and password where you will migrate EML files. The tool also provides a filter option to import only select emails. Then click on login.

5: Now, the software starts migrating data from EML files to Office 365 users’ accounts.

After migration, you have to login Office 365 account to access data EML files data.


In this blog, we have covered direct & easy solutions to convert EML to PST and import EML to Office 365 account. This blog will help you to avoid complications of manual methods and easily export EML emails to PST and Office 365.

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