How to explore Europe on a low budget?

explore europe
explore europe

Everybody dreams of visiting Europe one day. Whether it is Greece, Italy, England, Croatia, or any other country, Europe is filled with love, culture, food, art, and history of its own. Home to one of the biggest and mightiest roman empires, Europe has now become one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

However, visiting Europe is not cheap. One needs a lot of money to fully explore Europe, or this is what everyone says! Done believe them.

Yes, you heard It right, in order to explore Europe you don’t need to spend an extravagant amount of money on your trip. There are various ways through which you can explore this beautiful continent without getting out of your budget. Europe is for everyone, not just the rich.

We have compiled some tips for you, on how to explore Europe in a cheap manner, on a budget. If you follow these tips, you will understand how easy it is to visit this beautiful place.

  1. Visit off-season-

One of the first rules of visiting Europe, when you are on a budget, is to visit off-season. Off-season means a time when most of the tourists and travelers don’t prefer going to the place. This means that all the tourist-related activities and economics have less demand in the market. Due to less demand, the prices of these activities ultimately go down. This is the best way to save tons of money while visiting Europe. July-October is usually the best time to visit Europe, which means it is the peak season. Everything will be expensive. To avoid this, consider visiting in January, November when the weather is also pleasant and you get to enjoy all the activities at a discounted price.

  1. Book in advance-

The second rule to explore Europe without spending a great amount of money is to book in advance. It’s simple economics. As the demand for a place, travel mode increases, its prices also increase. So if you book your airplane,  or a holiday rental in advance, you will get the basic prices without demand surge. This means booking 4-5 months in advance. It may look like a tough task, but if you want to explore on a budget, this is the best thing to do. Usually, flights and hotels are cheaper earlier.

  1. Rent holiday rentals-

The third rule to explore Europe on a budget is to say no to hotels and rent vacation holiday rentals. These are houses, villas, and apartments given for rent to travelers and tourists for a limited period of time. They provide all the amenities of a rental such as a kitchen, a terrace, a private bathroom, and so on. You can find cheap apartments for rent or cheap vacation rentals anywhere in Europe, including Greece, Italy, Croatia, Sweden, or England. These cheap apartments for rent, especially in the offseason are going to save you a lot of expenditure on accommodation. You can visit vacation saga holiday listings in Europe to check out wonderful properties at discounted prices, and chose your favorite one.

Moreover, in these cheap vacation rentals, you will also have the choice to cook your own meals, which is a highly appreciated method of saving money on a  Europe trip. You can at least cook one meal of the day, saving many euros in the process.

  1. Skip the usual-

One of the best ways to save extra money in Europe is to skip the usual places that all other tourists visit. These may include some big museum tours, which have an expensive entry ticket. If you want to see them, you can see them from outside and enjoy the view, while witnessing the local culture, food, and traditions nearby. It is an unconventional but unique way to explore Europe and know it from a perspective no one has ever witnessed. It is your chance to add some unique memories to your Europe trip which no one who has visited Europe has.

  1. Take trains and buses-

If you want to travel within a country from one island or city to another, don’t take car rentals or airplanes as they might be extra expenses for you. Instead, you can rely on trains and buses for your travel. They are cheap and convenient and can save a lot of money on your expenses. Moreover, if you also have everything planned and book these in advance, you can save even more and travel without worrying at all.

  1. Visit on Sundays-

If you really want to visit those conventional museums and places that everyone visits, you can go there on Sundays. In many countries such as Greece and Italy. Museums and historical sites are cheaper or even free on Sundays, while on normal days they can cost around 10 Euros per person. So to save some money, you can visit these places on a Sunday also.

If you want more information about cheap apartments for rent or cheap vacation rentals in Europe you can visit vacation saga, a place that has thousands of lovely rental homes waiting just for you. Follow these tips above to explore Europe in the cheapest manner possible.

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