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How To Prepare For 13 Plus And 12 Plus Exam Papers?

12 plus exam papers

12 plus and 13 plus exam papers are for students in years 7 and 8 who missed out on a grammar school place because of their 11 plus exam results. These are also called a late transfer test. Many of the students miss out on their chance to get into their preferred grammar schools because they did not get pass marks in their 11 plus in the first place. It does not mean that they lose hope for not getting into grammar school again.

The UK’s education system provides students with a chance to get into grammar school, even after not getting enough passing marks in 11 plus exams. 12 plus exam papers are the ideal second chance to get the place.

Year groups for 12 plus exam papers!

Students take 12 plus exam papers currently in year 7 to join from year 8 in grammar school. Similarly, 13 plus exams are taken by students in year 8, to join grammar school from year 9. 

These exams allow students more time to prepare for the late transfer test (up to 18 months). Late transfer test means an option or a chance to join grammar school mid-way through the academic year. 

Why do grammar schools take 12+ and 13+ exams?

Parents should know that not all grammar schools take 12 and 13 plus exams, even if some do that because of the following reasons:

You should keep in mind that grammar schools tend to have a higher intake of students at the 11+ level than at 12 or 13 plus levels. There can be 2 or 3 places available at the school, so parents should set the child’s expectations accordingly as they start 12 plus exams preparation

What do the 12 and 13 plus exams include?

Each school has different exam procedures and structures, but usually, students are tested with core subjects like Maths, English, and Reasoning Test papers (Verbal and Non-Verbal). The tests can be written or computer-based tests.

Some schools also follow the structure provided by an external examination provider like CEM. Other schools develop their papers and use a combination of different in-house or external papers. Some schools give the sample 12 plus test papers that help students get to know the exam format and the types of questions they will experience beforehand. 

Schools take these tests on a set date at some fixed location, the school, or any test center. 

How can you help your child prepare 12/13 plus exams?

If you’re thinking that if your child should revise the curriculum before taking the 12 plus exam papers, then yes, it is better to be prepared. As parents, you must want your child to have the best chance of acing 12 or 13 plus exams, but tutoring can help them through the test?

It entirely depends on the schooling your child is currently getting like if the child is from an independent school they’ve had lots of exam practice which minimizes the need for tutoring. If the child is studying in state schools, parents prefer tutoring to provide their child with some 12 plus practice papers to polish their skills and pass the exams. 

If you are looking for some useful tips that can help your child getting the best results in 12 and 13 plus exams, I’d recommend:

12 and 13 plus preparation in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire!

There are many tutoring agencies that provide top quality services online, including the 12 plus exam preparation. If you’re looking for the best practice for 12 plus exam papers in High Wycombe, Adnan khan tutoring is one of the best options you could have. This company has been providing hi-tech online for the past year and has 20 years of experience in the UK’s mainstream education. 

The company has a wide range of online courses that cover the National Curriculum of the UK. The qualified online tutors take one-to-one and group live classes. Parents can get feedback on their child’s performance. Qualified tutors can help your child pass their 12 plus exam papers in Buckinghamshire

Hopefully, you’ve now got clarity regarding these exams and how you can help your child with their preparation. Good luck!

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