How to Select the Perfect Kids’ Costume: A Comprehensive Guide

Holiday kids costume

Holidays call for dressing up and partying! It also calls for competitions and special events like costume competitions. Americans love to dress up their kids in quirky costumes after their pets. Therefore, the market is filled with costume shops with offbeat but unique holiday kids’ costumes. This allows people to create as many looks on their children.

Several themed outfits like the Christmas tree jumper, baby Santa romper, child Santa suit costume, colonial girl costume, pilgrim girl costume, child mary costume, little elf costume, and many more are available in the kids’ holiday costumes section in the market.

The blog covers holiday shopping tips for children, allowing parents to choose the best outfit for an upcoming holiday event or competition.


Dress according to the occasion!

It is the most crucial aspect; dress according to the event. It ensures you mix up with the crowd well; however, if you love experimenting, you can take the dressing game a notch higher by adding little details here and there.

For instance, if your child is heading to a costume competition that’s taking place around Thanksgiving, you can get him a turkey costume overall! This way, his outfit will be even-related, enhancing his chance to win. Further, to add more details to the costume, you can apply a little makeup, taking his looks a little closer to the bird!

Similarly, suppose the event is happening around Halloween time. In that case, you can dress up your toddler in a pumpkin costume, or if he is a fan of ‘The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy’ you can select Grim’s outfit to make him happy.


Here’s an ultimate list of holiday kids’ costume ideas for your child

Holidays are more about having fun; kids are happiest in costumes they can relate to. Every child has a distinguished taste, even in cartoons. While some might be fond of Santa Claus, others might be die-hard Marvel fans! We are here with a list of costume ideas to choose from:


Little Elf

Elf has significant importance in Germanic mythology and folklore. They are believed to be supernatural beings with magical powers who are ever-ready to help humans. Kids know them as trusted assistants of Santa Claus and love to don Elf costumes during the holiday season. It assures them that they will find a place on the good list of Santa! You can get the outfit in a two-piece or get it in overalls. Whichever you plan to get, make sure you get the conical statement hat and red boots to complete the look!


Spider Man

It is one of the most sought-after marvel characters, even among kids. If your toddler is a spider man fan, get the look inspiration from his favorite cartoon show and get him the appropriate outfit and accessories to make him look as real as what he sees on screen. The best part is there are two color variants available for spiderman costumes: red and black. In accessories, you can get a pair of gloves and a mask to get the superhero feel.


Cat Costume

If you have a baby girl whose best friend is your one-year-old Persian cat, you can dress the bundle of happiness in a kitty costume. Now, you have two costume options available: a frilly-frock with a hairband with two long ears on a soft hair band or a kitty costume overall that comes with a cute little tail and a hoodie with ears. You can mark a tiny circle on her nose to add more interest to the outfit.


The Mummy Look

This costume is appropriate for children over 10 years old and a fan of spooky cartoons and sitcoms. Nothing in the world will make them happiest other than bandage costumes. This is fun to look at an outfit that can attract appreciation more than your expectations; however, the costume may require more time to take shape. Remember to wrap the bandages in light grip so as not to make the kid uncomfortable inside it. The grip should be such that it can allow for easy body movements.


Pokemon Costume

Pokemon is a sure rage among kids of all ages. And the best part is that there are so many pokemon characters to choose from, like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Togepi, or Pikachu! The yellow-colored costume can effectively make kids stand out from the crowd. In the case of twins, you can dress one in an Ash Ketchum costume and the other in a Pikachu costume. 


Animal Dress Costume

It is an ideal fit for toddlers under 5. This is the most popular holiday kids costume. Kids love it because this is what they see in popular rhyme songs and are taught in their preliam years. You have both the option to get the outfit stitched or to buy a ready-made one. Ensure that your kid remains comfortable in what he wears; this will automatically add charm to his look.


Find the right fit to make the outfit catchy and comfortable.

This is the most confusing part that needs clarity to buy the best holiday kids costume. The clothing size for toddlers and babies is generally broken down according to their height and weight:


2T: 25-27 lbs., 32-34 in.

3T: 28-32 lbs., 35-37 in.

4T: 33–36 lbs., 38–40 in.

5T: 37–42 lbs., 41–43 in.


Please note that this chart suggests an idea for a toddler’s sizing. Every brand offers different sizing, which might slightly differ from one another.


Dressing Tips For Toddlers

  • Suppose your baby is petite in height and isn’t fitting in clothing labeled in toddler sizing, then you can go with the clothing line that offers outfits that come with month sizing. This is because months’ sizes have the same weight range but a slightly lower height range.
  • If your kid’s size is out of stock, you can try out outfits in the kid-size section. It might have lower seat space, but if your toddler is potty trained, he can pull off the kid’s section outfit pretty well. 
  • If you purchase outfits from a high-end boutique, ensure you take your toddler along, as boutique clothes tend to run smaller than the regular labels.
  • In case of bottom wear, take an outfit with elastic waists rather than button or zipper flies. Top wear should have neck holes wide enough for the toddler’s head to slip through easily.


Quintessential steps to consider while buying the perfect holiday kid costume

  • Budget: Toddlers grow slower than babies, but no cloth fits toddlers for more than a season. Therefore, breaking the bank for exaggerated holiday outfits is not a good idea. Look for sales that mushroom in the holiday seasons!
  • Quality: Toddler clothes go through a lot of wear and tear and food & drink stains. Consider buying a fabric that can resist multiple washes.
  • Comfortable: Fabrics such as cotton are best when it comes to toddlers. Cotton is stretchable and breathable, which allows your toddler to have a non-scratchy experience upon wearing. Just remember that the outfit shouldn’t have any decorative elements or appliques. 
  • Fit: As mentioned, the outfit or costume should be a good fit to offer room for your toddler to hop and jump and make him look on point!


Final Words

Hope our guide can help you find an excellent kid costume for upcoming events or celebrations. Follow mentioned tips and try to find an outfit that’s comfortable as well as will look unique on your child. Also, remember that your kid should like and feel good inside the costume to make your efforts fruitful.

While you are on your spree to shop for your toddler, don’t forget about your furry friends and indulge some time in petshop costumes too.


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